Sunday, September 26, 2010

KinderGarden wrap up

Ok, I'm a bit behind the times. Oh, well, I've had fun this growing season, making sure I involved the children. I have always tried to get them invested in what's going on. It's not always easy, especially now that they are getting older. The garden doesn't seem to hold quite the appeal that it used to and there are days it is a struggle to get them outside. But, here are a few photos of the year- in no particular order.
We've had successes- the galeux d'eysines harvest is now up to 16.
And failures- all our poppies in the Goth Garden died.
But the columbines have grown tremendously.
They should be beautiful next spring.
The Black Knight Butterfly bush is thriving to the side of the Goth Garden.
And the pumpkin vines continue to thrive-
I think, in their bid to achieve world domination.
We've had wierdness
And beauty
And discussions about where our food comes from.
We had a bit of a discussion about natural selection when I selected the biggest, best peppers from the most robust plant to save seeds for the Anaheims. Aren't they HUGE!?
Thanks to Kim at The Inadvertent Farmer for hosting the Kindergardens challenge this year. It has been fun, even though I've not always been good about posting.


  1. It looks like a great summer! I am jealous of all your pumpkins.

  2. The Goth Garden was such a creative idea, I loved it! And those pumpkins are SO cool!

  3. That was a fun post! Looks like everyone had a great garden experience this past summer! I hope your daughter tries the Goth Garden again! I saw some of your curlie looking pumpkins in Walmart Saturday, but they weren't near as pretty ugly as yours!! They are really lacy and pretty in person aren't they! ...debbie

  4. Great pics of everything! It is sad that summer is over. glad you can get your kids in the garden at all. You have planted the seed of gardening in their minds.


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