Sunday, November 17, 2013

Still here

I haven't forgotten about you all!  It has just been insanely busy around here.  Nothing spectacular, just life.  I16 will finally be starting Driver's Ed tomorrow, Justine will be home from school in a month, K13 is plugging along in the 8th grade, V is busy with his freelance writing and working on the house, I'm busy, busy, busy with work and sewing.
Today, Justine's boyfriend J came over for a while (don't say anything because it's not common knowledge- but they're ENGAGED!!!!!).  He hung out with the boys for a while and I was able to get his measurements so I can make a holiday gift for him.  I would have just estimated on the size for a vest but he's 6'6" so I wasn't sure I could estimate the appropriate size.   He is such a nice guy and we approve whole heartedly!
I've been busy on sewing projects.  A couple of chicken bags, a coat for I16, a vest for J, and a few bow ties are in the offing.
In the farm/garden world:
The chickens are barely laying.  Only the new girls are giving us eggs.  Many of the older girls are moulting and look pretty pathetic.  V spent a little time yesterday clipping Magnus' toenails- A couple had gotten so long that the toes were starting to turn sideways.  They both handled it well.
I've got little seedlings in the greenhouse, they're growing slowly. I still need to finish clearing out the garden but it was a rainy, windy weekend.  Maybe next weekend....
Now... I've gotta go.  Tomorrow is another day that will come all too soon.


  1. I must say you have been very busy, sounds like you live on a farm, I love the idea at what you done with that feed bag turning it into a nice looking tote bag. I am glad I had come across your nice blog and hope to be back soon, gonna put a link in my blog.

    1. Hi Rosy! Welcome! We don't quite live on a farm. We've got 5 acres surrounded by real farms but it's all ours. We've got chickens, a dog and 2 cats but no 'real' livestock. I work outside the home and my husband is a freelance writer. We've got a daughter in college and two boys still at home. I'm trying to start a custom sewing business on the side so it's a busy, busy life. Welcome along for the ride!

  2. Thank you Judy and I look forward to your interesting posts


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