Sunday, August 9, 2009

Tomatoes and a storm

We have been getting a few tomatoes. I've had lots of cherry romas, a few bloody butchers and the Jetsonic and Morgtage Lifters are just starting. I'm having issues with critters gnawing on them as soon as they begin to ripen, though. I'm not sure if it's mice or bunnies or snails. I seem to have an inordinate amount of snails in the garden but I think they're more opportunists when something else starts nibbling. I haven't had enough to can yet but I made some salsa with the tomatillos that are also starting. But for dinner tonight:
Fresh tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and basil vinagrette. YUM!
We also had a huge storm move through about sunset. There were the weirdest cloud formations moving through. It was eerily beautiful.
Storm front moving through.
I"m probably going to can beans tomorrow after work, we'll see how many I have. I'm worried that the tomatoes will all ripen at the same time- they've been green for so long. Although I'm hoping that they start ripening fast enough that they can outpace the critters that have been dining on them.
This is the start of 'eat local' week and I believe national Farmer's week, or something like that. I'l have to check. We're going to continue to eat as we have been recently, mostly local, and hopefully home grown.

And as a side note- there was NO water in the basement apart from that that leaked under the back door since the sill needs replaced. HURRAY!!!


  1. YEY on the no-water in the basement! And good thoughts that the critters stay away from those tomatoes - they are precious goods :-) I love tomatillos, but haven't been able to find them locally here.

  2. That does look good! All of our tomatoes were destroyed while we were on vacation. It's very sad.

  3. Great news regarding your lack of water in the basement! Hip hip hurray for THAT!!! Those are eerie storm clouds! Your tomatoes and Moz. cheese plate looks quite yummy. Might just pull up a chair and help you with that!! I'll bring some yummy fresh corn we've been enjoying. (not ours, but local) I picked 3 small tomatoes yesterday and we had them for dinner with the corn...shore' was mighty fine eatin'!!!...debbie

  4. Judy,

    Did you make the mozzarella?

    Your tomatoes are beautiful.

    My mom gave me about 8 large gorgeous red tomatoes yesterday - and when I was walking to my car - someone stopped me and said where did you get those tomatoes? No one has red tomatoes! I think she was considering making me an offer for them!

  5. Oh my golly, what a gorgeous plate of tomatoes and mozzarella!

  6. Mangochild- if you can grow tomatoes you can grow tomatillos. They're really easy.
    River- HOW SAD!
    Debbie- You'd be welcome to join me.
    Angie- no, we can't claim this mozzarella but my daughter and I did experiment with making it earlier this year. Ripe tomatoes have been at a premium around here as well.
    Robbyn- Thanks, they were tasty as well as beautiful!

  7. those clouds look like the wing of a huge predatory bird. wow! what a great photo. that same week this year i saw clouds in kansas that were like soft service ice cream - check it out!


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