Friday, June 4, 2010

The waiting game

V had his MRI this morning. Now we begin the long wait until we get the results on Wednesday.
The children are waiting for the end of school. They have one more day. I'm not sure what they will accomplish on Monday besides put in their hours to meet requirements.
J16 is waiting to go to Minneapolis on the 13th for two weeks for her summer college credit art session.
We're waiting for the next round of rain to come through tonight- putting a damper on our deck project and on Arts Fest downtown.
I'm waiting for my newly planted seeds to emerge and for more broccoli to be ready to harvest.
The dog is rather impatiently waiting for his usual evening treat.
It seems like we're all waiting for something this weekend.
My plan is to be quite busy this weekend so I don't have too much time to think. Against V's wishes, I informed my parents of what is going on in our lives. Just in case we need to call on them for help at short notice.


  1. I know the rain is putting a damper on our plans as well..we have to redo a retaining wall that is bowing and it is right next to the deck and if the wall collaspes we can have more problems with a deck that may collaspe..We may work in the rain...or get supplies while it is raining.. Your both in my prayers..(((HUGS))) Lisa

  2. I hope the weekend will fly by for you and time will go quickly until Wednesday. My thoughts and many prayers are with you both. We had a thunderstorm tonight. It didn't help the humidity much but the temp went down 11 degrees! THAT was nice. It's supposed to rain all weekend. I guess for most of the US for that matter. Map looks rather soggy on the weather channel. It does seem silly to go for one more day doesn't it. Hope you get things done in the garden. Saturday I am going grocery shopping, buying a no dumping sign and pick up Bob's medicine. Not a big day. Madison takes her test for her 3rd belt, yellow, in Karate tomorrow! Be strong! Blogland friends are praying for good results! ...debbie

  3. The waiting is always the worse. Too much time for the mind to invent drama. But I do think you were wise to enlighten your parents. If you need help quickly, taking the time to explain and have them process the information would slow things way down!

  4. I think you were right in telling your parents, you may need their support on short notice and once they have absorbed the info, they will better be able to support you and the kids. I hope the weekend flies by for you, I know the waiting must be hard, and I'm praying that everything turns out well for you all.

  5. I am hoping and praying that all will be well. Much love and many hugs to you all. xxx

  6. I've been thinking about you and V, and praying for him and for you.

  7. Arggggh, waitingggg. We're waiting with you from afar...It sounds like your kids have great activities going neat to get to go to art class (one of my past majors I never finished). Sending you hugs and prayers from here... Seems like our summer is sizzling already down here. Walking outside feels like breathing dark Karo syrup, it's so humid. Shall keep checking back in!

  8. Judy...I am thinking of you & the family. Sending dreams of good results your way. Keeping busy is the best thing.


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