Thursday, February 3, 2011

More snow pictures

Yeah, we're pretty boring around here.  Snow is the topic of conversation everywhere.  Some late afternoon shots of the farm.
Just for Erin... the barn.  It's not new and I know I've posted pictures before.  The garden is in the barnyard, fenced off from critters (HAHAHAHA!)
 Looking down the fence line.  The barn is to the left, compost pile to the right.  I think it's actually drifted completely over the corner post of the riding arena/beach/archery range/volleyball court.
 I always love how snowdrifts curl over...
 The driveway.  There is just enough room for the car.  I don't think J16 will be driving this for a while.  She isn't that precise.  And you can see the poor buried van....  the front and passenger side aren't too bad...
 Finally, looking down the South side of the barn.  This is the area we're hoping to build the greenhouse, sheltered from the fierce North winds we get in the winter but still getting the sun.  Right now it's storage for old gates and fence posts not yet repurposed.
V and I were quite unhappy this morning.  After spending most of the day yesterday clearing the driveway, we discovered this morning, early, as I was ready to leave for work, that the snowplows had been through again, clearing the shoulder of the highway.   They plowed it shut again with chunks of ice and snow about 2 feet thick and back 8 to 10 feet into the drive. GRRR.. and of course, it was -15 outside this morning so it was REALLY FUN to shovel it all out.  Needless to say, I was late to work.  But at least I made it in.


  1. As much as I'm enjoying your snow pictures, I can honestly say I'm glad I'm not dealing with the plows shutting you in business! Stay warm!

  2. Sorry Judy but I love the look of your snow! Have always wanted to live somewhere that gets lots of snow. I know, I am crazy right?

  3. I hate when that happens! The plows always comes through and ruins our work! Wow -15 is coooold.

  4. Morning, Judy...where do they get these plow drivers?? Same thing out here on our country road. Arrgghh...

    More snow on the way, they say. We got snow on top of snow and ice this last time. It's up to 12 heat wave.

  5. I loved the picture of the barn. I love Barns!! The highway crews, I think, get their kicks out of seeing how far they can throw the snow and Ice back in the driveway. They could pick up the blade for 15 feet - it wouldn't kill them!! Think spring!!

  6. I "heart" barns! Love it as the new header photo as well, the light in that photo is pretty!

  7. Very nice pictures. I miss shaggy leafless deciduous trees.

  8. Author- Thanks- we're keeping warm. It was up to almost 30 today! I had to take off my hat and gloves while waiting for the bus- I got too hot!!
    Mo- Nope, I don't think you're crazy at all. I may complain but I wouldn't trade 4 real seasons for anything. We lived in Virginia for a while and I didn't like not having a 'real' winter.
    Meemsnyc- It's that love/hate relationship with snowplows! I'm glad they clear the road but NOT happy with the driveway bit.
    Akannnie- I hear we're due for more snow this weekend. Oh Joy!
    Debbie- The amazing thing is that later in the day- the driver did lift his blade when going past the drive and didn't plow us in again (it must have been V flipping him off and yelling obscenities at 630am that did it! LOL!)
    Erin- I'm sure I've posted similar photos of the barn. I do love catching the sunset just behind the barn. It makes it even more beautiful. Honestly- the barn was one of the things that sold us on this place. It isn't huge but it's a great building- and was built using even older, repurposed lumber from some even older barn- pretty cool, huh!
    Zev- Thanks for stopping by! I would miss having deciduous trees as well. There is something special about them that makes the seasons more 'real'.


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