Saturday, April 14, 2012

A pile of dirt!

I was playing in the dirt today.  I made a big pile of dirt.  4 wheelbarrow loads of the stuff.  We're slowly whittling down the big dirt pile they left for us when they replaced the septic system.  We've got a few places to fill in the yard since it settled more over the winter again and we still need to move more to backfill behind the retaining walls.  But today, I moved dirt for my project.
This is the beginning of my herb spiral.  A pile of dirt on a 5 foot circle of layered newspapers to block the grass.
Hopefully tomorrow I will go pick up the bricks to construct the spiral.  I'm pretty excited about this project.  It has been on my list since we moved.  And I've got little plants on order to arrive in May so I'd better get it done.
 I think what took me longest to decide was where to put it. It is on the southeast corner of the house near the iris bed and one of the roses.  Not too far from the house from either the front porch or the deck.  Oosh, you can see how bad our lawn is in this photo!!
And while I was out working there.  I decided I need to do something with another area that has been sorely neglected:
The south wall.  Some previous owner's idea of landscaping was to put down landscaping fabric and gravel.  So far the only thing I've got planted in there is a clematis.  But that space is crying out for some edging, topsoil and plants... and the eradication of the masses of Creeping Charlie that are threatening to take over the world.  Let's see how I do before J17's party in mid May....


  1. Keep taking pictures of the herb spiral as it takes shape. Seeing the whole process helps give ideas to the rest of us.

  2. I love permaculture! Great idea! And yes, I would add some fun stuff to your wall. Sounds like the previous owner of our house! Rock and more rock :(

  3. Hope your no where near Thurman,Iowa,boy ,they sure got hit. we thought we would get something last night ,nothing,maybe tonight ,at least some rain,not tornadoes. Those poor familes in the tornanic area's. and the ones in Oklahoma where the sirens wear knocked out by lightning ,so they had no warning and they had 5 fatalites.Nice dirt pile:)

  4. That looks like a fun project, and gives me hope when we end up with a huge pile o dirt from our current project, we may find uses for it someday.

    I thought of you guys yesterday too when we were checking the mid-west radar, looks like some big storms rolled through. We're just grateful to have some well-needed rain.

  5. Nothing like a big pile of dirt that turned into mud. Jeez...sorry for all the rain. I read the first post first - There is always fun making mud pies?? ...debbie

  6. I'm happy you are getting your herb spiral this year, I know you have been planning it for awhile. Can't wait to see it take shape!


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