Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Thinking and Rethinking

THINGS have been in the air lately.  I've been thinking (you thought you smelled something burning, didn't you!) and rethinking my plan to open a shop on Etsy.  I'm not sure if you have heard of the uproar that has been going on over there, but check it out. I'm pretty sure I can NOT buy into a system that doesn't play fair with it's sellers and seems to be rewriting the rules to cover their butts.  I finally gave up on reading the comments on the thread. I only made it through about page 30 (of currently 80+ and growing) of comments.  People are ANGRY!  I've heard of many artists who are closing out their shops and looking for a new venue and heard that Etsy has shut down shops for some more outspoken individuals.  For more of the backstory that Etsy doesn't want to tell you, check out Regretsy for some fun- they are often crude and irreverent but honest.  (There is more than one post there on this subject so I picked what I feel is the most telling for the link.)  Still, the whole mess has left me with enough of a bad taste in my mouth that I no longer want to use Etsy.  I'll be looking for a different venue for setting up a shop when I've got a few items made.
In other thinking of crafty type things... the fabric for J17's quilt arrived yesterday (along with a few 'extras').
Love it!  But I have a problem.  Since it is that lovely, rich, mahogany brown it has much more of a red tone than any of the other fabrics in my stash that I was hoping to use.  Hmm...  I'll have to put some thought into this one.  But look at this:
 eQuilter sent me a lovely handwritten thank you on my invoice- complete with a sticker!  Aww... how sweet.  And, 2% of the purchase price goes to charity.  Pretty cool!

Last night after dinner, the boys and I did a little work:
 We filled in the herb spiral.  Well... mostly filled in.  This is the base layer of soil from our pile that is mostly clay. I'm hoping for a nice rain to settle this and then I'll put some nice topsoil on the top before I plant.
My new little sage plant is waiting to take its place at the top of the spiral.

I'm still thinking...  I'll be back later this week....


  1. I have heard some bad things too about Etsy, I'll have to check out that site to find out what it's all about! Love the fabric :)

    1. I had my hesitations about them already but this seals the deal. There is no way I could ever compete if they are going to allow people to get away with importing and reselling and calling it a 'collective'.
      Like some of those 'handmade' quilts I've seen in the stores for $50. I probably couldn't source the fabric for that, let alone account for my time.

  2. Thanks for the interesting bit on Etsy. I'll have to read up on it more. Have you heard of Artfire? It's a similar idea. Love your fabric choices.


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