Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The island takes shape

Of course, it's not done yet. The finish carpentry isn't done and we don't have the tile we need for the top yet, but the major pieces are in place.
Drawers and bookshelves frame the stove.

And finally today- the breakfast bar takes shape!
I'm off tomorrow and Friday and we will begin repairs on the exterior wall at the top of the basement stairs. Tomorrow we will gather our supplies and tools, take up part of the South deck and do as much prep as we can without opening the wall. Friday will be the big day. The siding and sheathing will come off and we will see to what extent we need to replace the studs and mudsill. One bonus of doing this- we're going to put in a window at the top of the stairs. There currently isn't much of a window through the back door and it gets pretty dark up there, even on a sunny day.
Don't worry, I'll take lots of before, during and after photos. It's definitely not a job I'm looking forward to- I worry how much of a can of worms we will be opening and what else we will find. But V is confident that we can handle it. I guess that's what counts. He will most likely do most of the work- I'm good at holding and fetching things and generally doing what I'm told. Of course, I can operate the saw and swing a hammer- and come to think of it- I'm pretty good with a wrecking bar these days.


  1. Its really coming together! I love the idea of having the bookshelves around everything.
    What do you have to do on the exterior wall? Sounds like a big job. Windows are always a happy thing.

  2. Wow. You must so excited. It's all getting together.

  3. Looks amazing. How clever you all are to create such a lovely island! I have always wanted bookshelves like that.

  4. I so love that stove. I wish I would have had room, but my kitchen is TINY! There would be a ton of cookies coming out of that babe!


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