Sunday, November 8, 2009

Breaking the Eggo habit

I've got a post up today over at Homemakers Who Work about our quest to break our habit of purchasing frozen waffles. Check it out here.
I'm happy to report that we've been Eggo free for over a year now.


  1. K, going over to read. We rarely buy eggos but my boy does like them!

  2. We make our own waffles and freeze them. Does that count?

  3. Happy Hermit- Thanks for stopping by. Congrats on the bagel habit. I haven't mastered making bagels yet.
    Kim- A waffle iron does wonders for the boy who likes Eggos.
    Sparkless- Absolutely, that counts! That's what I do now- when there are any left!!

  4. I've never eaten an Eggo waffle but I'll take your word for it. My parents always just made waffles but I took it a step farther and froze them and have eaten them that way for decades now.

    I got a baking stone and a peel about a year ago and haven't boughten a frozen pizza or even bought one at a restaurant since. In this case, the taste difference is just worlds apart and my favorite pizza of past, Pizza Hut, just seems absolutely terrible in comparison to homemade with a baking stone. I've always made homemade pizza but the baking stone just made a world of difference.

  5. Lol, how funny! I just wrote about my fast food burger habit breaking. so weird to have read this :D


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