Friday, January 21, 2011

A little shriek of terror!

Ack!  We just ordered all our new cabinets and countertops for the kitchen.  Breathe.......  breathe.....  breathe....  I've never spent that much money on one room before!  I was somewhat prepared for the damages but it still takes my breath away.  By waiting until there was a sale, we ended up saving just over $3000 on the combination of cabinets and counters and the sink base and new sink were free.  But, it's still a huge chunk of money- I'm glad we set aside some from the sale of the old house for this.  At least this is the last BIG project in the house (except for replacement windows which will be done piecemeal).
We should have cabinets and counters here by mid to late February so we will have time to check them for damage and get any replacements on things that aren't correct.  We're plotting the plan of action for the total kitchen gut and remodel coming up in March.  Stay tuned for more plans to come....
Now that the order is in, I can start giving some thought to how we will eat without a kitchen for a week or so....  I see lots of use of my crockpot, microwave and electric skillet.  And many sandwiches for lunch.  I definitely don't want to rely on take out (although some Thai food sounds good).


  1. When we purchased our house, the kitchen had been remodeled within the last year. Because that is the most expensive room to remodel by far, that was a HUGE selling point in my book. I hope you new kitchen gets lots of use in the coming years.

  2. How exciting!! And we will have the fun of seeing it all come together for you. My brother-in-law redid their 1950's or 60's kitchen and it looks wonderful. They didn't have a lot of money and he did it all himself. What a difference it makes. I'm looking forward to your new adventure. Congratulations!

  3. It will be so worth it!! It's the room that makes the biggest difference in your quality of life, congrats!

  4. That is SO EXCITING!! Getting a new kitchen! March will be here before we know it too!! and so glad...maybe it will start to warm up and the snow will GO AWAY!!...debbie

  5. How exciting! Have a glass of wine (or two) and it will all be fine..... And think of how wonderful it will be when it is done


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