Sunday, September 4, 2011

Old Threshers 2011

After the nearly 1.5 inches of rain we got yesterday today dawned cool, clear and beautiful.  Since the weather was so gorgeous, we took a trip an hour south of us to Mt Pleasant to go the the Midwest Old Threshers Reunion.  I've been attending this off and on since I was a child.  My Dad has an antique tractor that my grandfather used to exhibit and drive in the Parade of Power.  It isn't on exhibit anymore (Dad noticed too many of the brass parts kept coming up missing) but the event is still going on strong. I'm not sure what number reunion this was but it's a lot! So, here are a few photos of the day.

There was a steam calliope.  They had just stopped playing when we got close enough for photos.
And below, the line up of steam tractors:
 And there is always horsepower of a different sort:
 And everyone's favorite:
The steam train engines!!
In the video below I made a mistake in the voice over. They are actually using a horse-powered baler.  They had been threshing earlier.
The demonstrations are always fun.  We also got to see a potter working, the steam powered veneer mill and the steam thresher.  Oh, and there is always the blacksmith shop and new this year a wheelwright.
And there are always the obligatory photos with the NEW farm machinery.  This year it was Case rather than John Deere.  The tractor below costs more than we paid for our entire property!!
 And J17 likes the photo below enough that she is considering using it for one of her senior pictures.
It is definitely her!
Even the drive home was beautiful.
The crops are beginning to change and there is the hint of fall in the air.


  1. We had a local Victorian festival this weekend...with lots of Civil War stuff, people in period clothes, vendors, black powder shoots, soldiers riding around on horses in full regalia...swords drawn.

    It was pretty great, we go nearly every year.

    Feeling like fall here today as well, and we even got the tiniest bit of overnight rain!! About 70 was as hot as it got today....felt almost strange.

    LOVE J17's picture too--good job, Judy. Your photographic skills are getting better all the time!!

  2. Akannie- sounds like you had fun as well. Those Civil War events are always a good time. I've even participated in some of those.
    We hit low 70's here. It was strange to feel comfortable in jeans and a tshirt.
    Thanks for the compliment. It's easy to take great photos when you've got a great subject.


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