Friday, February 24, 2012

At least it's pretty

Some random photos of the day.  We really didn't get much snow, and thankfully no ice.  Of course, the one night that the weather is bad we had to go somewhere.  I14 had his winter band concert last night.  But, the roads were clear and the concert was lovely.  But, I promised photos of the morning.
The temperatures fell last night, allowing the snow to stick to all of those wet surfaces out there making for some absolutely beautiful sights.  Plus, it gave me a chance to play with my new camera.
Using the telephoto:
 I love the way it brings the back fenceline close, even from the garden.
The big hackberry tree by the house was quite lovely:
 And my favorite trellis waits for spring:

 Not all the sticking snow was lovely:
The snow covered floodlights on the shop.
But the icicles were amazing on the side of the barn!
 And now, not snow related:
Anybody want to guess what I'm doing today while I listen to some podcast lectures for continuing ed (so I can keep my license and job!)


  1. Replies
    1. Hmm.. isn't it really both?? Sometimes I do feel that sourdough is a kind of science experiment.

  2. Breadmaking....Then I read you response. :)
    The snow was beautiful this morning...still is...the winds are now picking up and watching it blow off the roof tops is really the snow drifts begin...I really didn't think the wet snow would blow around like it is...nice day to stay in doors and make bread..
    Have a wonerful day..Lisa

    1. I'm amazed at how much is still sticking on the trees with all this wind.

  3. Thats a nice camera! Gorgeous shots but most impressive is the bubbles on the sour dough!

    1. I'm still figuring out all the bells and whistles on the camera but I'm having fun with it.

  4. Bread! Mmm! I'm making bread today too, though I haven't quite got the knack of sourdough, so it's just plain bread. =) Still yummy!

    1. Sourdough really isn't any more difficult than regular bread. It's just that the starter needs regular care- kind of like having another pet in the house.
      And Welcome!! Glad you stopped in!

  5. Well, I didn't immediately recognize it as sourdough starter, but I knew it looked alive!

    Your snowy pictures are lovely. We've had big, fat flakes coming down here all day but with the temp hovering in the low 30s nothing is sticking or accumulating. Darn.

    1. It was actually my primary batter rather than my starter, but you're close. Too bad I didn't shoot a video. it was bubbling away and looking very much alive!
      Our temps yesterday were close to freezing for most of the day as well so we didn't get as much as we hoped. But we got rain which we also need.

  6. I'm still waiting for my dried Started to arrive in the mail. If I had it now, yesterday and today would have been the days to get it going. Yesterday was 72 and today 74! The heat-pump has been off for three days now!
    Spring time in North Carolina!
    As a side comment, You are my #4 for the "Pay it Forward". I still need your mailing address so I can send off What ever I'm going to make you!
    E-mail it to me at

  7. Hi there :)

    Lovely snow photos.

    Gosh, I haven't made bread in ages. Aren't I a bad girl? I have been thinking about making it. Does that count? LOL

    Enjoy the lovely snow. Have a great evening. Take care, Janet W

  8. Sourdough! Those photos are beautiful! I'm so glad you got snow, and yay for no ice!!!

  9. Your making oatmeal soap. ...oh, sourdough. just as good! Thanks for the pretty photos! Did enjoy them all. ...debbie


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