Monday, December 10, 2012

Crazy sewing weekend

Whew!  I've had a whirlwind weekend in the sewing room.  I did manage to get quite a bit done.  I got the binding machine stitched on Justine's quilt and am about half done hand stitching it.  I got Karl's vest completed. And today, I managed to cut out and nearly complete a fleece shirt for Ian.  All I've got left is to hand stitch down the collar facing.  I've got a photo of it here.  It's made from that ultra soft fleece.
So, I feel pretty good about the weekend.  And, I've finally made a decision.  I'm tired of second guessing myself and playing the maybe/someday/never scenarios in my head.  I'm going to finally take the plunge into starting my sewing business on the side.  I'm currently recruiting models and will be sewing up a storm with the plan to do a photo shoot in March and have the website go live in April.  So I'll probably be updating much more on my other blog that has been rather neglected.
This business will either succeed or fail but it won't do either if I don't at least try.  Besides my (not always willing) family I've got one other model volunteer already and I just sent out the notice today.  I spent a few minutes pulling out the patterns I want and looking through the fabric stash.  I'm excited again about this idea.
Justine will arrive home on Saturday.  I'm also excited about that.  She is also ready to come home.  She's in the middle of finals this week so send good thoughts her way.
I've got to go back to work tomorrow.  It has been such a busy few days here but even with all that I feel refreshed.  It was a great change of pace.

Hope you all have a great week.


  1. I'm so happy you get Justine home soon! Good luck with your side business, it seems you don't have to worry about outrageous set up costs with this one since it's something you love doing anyways and can do it out of the home so why not do it now, sounds exciting!

    1. LOL! I've got so much fabric in my stash I can probably make quite a few things. Of course some of those dresses that take 8-10 yards of fabric- those I'll have to see about. But I'm psyched to start. And if it doesn't pan out- at least I will have had fun doing it.

  2. Anyone with your talent SHOULD be in the fashion business! And you are so right - how will you ever know unless you try. I'm looking forward to seeing all the wonderful creations that come out of your sewing room.

    1. THanks for the vote of confidence. One of the reasons I have been reluctant to take the plunge is that I lack confidence that I'm actually good enough to make this happen. But we'll see...


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