Friday, October 9, 2009

Images of Fall

From our home....
Boxelder bugs and asian lady bugs gather.
Fall's bounty
The last picking before the freeze.
Black kitten and pumpkins.
How much more October can you get?


  1. Oh, I remember the dreaded soybean harvests at my old place in IL.
    The ladybugs would fly out by the millions----and land on our house. They were crawling over everything. I hated it. Ever try making soup when they are so bad they are falling off the ceiling??
    I'd have to hover over the pot with a towel draped so they wouldn't fall in. UGH!

    Your other photos are a nice slice of autumn. Very nice, Judy!

  2. The asian beetles don't seem as bad here this year. One year ... we were pressing cider and we stood there and suddenly, they were everywhere! Awful!!!

    Love the pumpkins and the kitten. Too cute!

  3. So I can expect my annual call from my mom back home in MN anytime now - every year she has to devote one call entirely to complaining about the box elder bugs, lol

  4. LOve the harvest!

  5. oh, the asian lady bugs! they cover the buildings in northeast missouri, too. and they bite! ugh. darn soybean fields. my first visit to the communities out there was during lady bug season, all those strawbale buildings with their white lime plaster looked like they were a different color, that's how many lady bugs were crawling on the walls.

    great reminder that we will always have to work around nature (even, and maybe especially, after we try to make it easier on ourselves - we're the ones who brought the asian lady bugs over in the first place!)


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