Monday, October 26, 2009

Independence Days- Y2, W25?

I'm going to call it week 25, not that it really matters. I'm sure I could go back and count again if I was motivated to do that- but I'm not.
It's been a weary, weary week here. Busy and with little sleep it seems, so I'm beat. V has got the crud and has been hacking and coughing, keeping me up at night. He says he feels better so here's hoping for a better night's sleep tonight.
But it's Monday and time for my IDC update for the week, although I'm not sure what there is to report. Here goes:
1. Plant something- no, but I did gather pine needles to use as a mulch around the blueberries. I figure that they will acidify the soil while providing a mulch to keep down the weeds. We'll see how they do.
2. Harvest something- Nope, nada, zip, zilch.
3. Preserve something- my sanity, that's about it for the week.
4. Waste not- nothing extraordinary here
5. Want not- picked up a few packs of canning lids at the store. I want to try to build up a supply slowly over the course of the year to spread out the cost. Also got some more sugar for the fall baking season and some chocolate chips, walnuts and almonds for the stash.
6. Community food systems- not much here either. Supplied snacks for the Halloween party. I made eyeball cookies. They're really easy and not at all made from scratch. I dipped Nilla wafers in melted almond bark and let them set. Then I put a small dollop of blue frosting in the center, topped with a mini chocolate chip for the pupil and then painted tiny 'bloodshot' streaks with thinned food coloring. Instant hit for kids at a creepy party.
7. Eat the food- this is one category I've done well in. Spanish rice with home canned tomatoes and some frozen pepper bits, frozen sweet corn, home grown smashed potatoes, all yummy.

It's settling into be the slow part of the year, we'll see how it goes from here on out.


  1. "The slow part of the year" pretty much seems to describe it. I haven't reported on IDC for the past... um... many weeks. In large part this is because I've been traveling and overwhelmed, but just this morning I was thinking that I should say *something*. And yet, what to say? Planting is over, harvest is almost over, preserving seems to be edging towards storage... waste not, well yeah. Usual. Eat the food is really the only one for me (though that is happy enough I must say). Slow is the right word.

    Sorry to hear about V's feeling so badly... my mother and I both have something involving lots of hacking, and I can only imagine the pain we are inflicting on others. Hope you stay healthy!

  2. Glad to hear V is improving! lol your creepy cookies will no doubt be loved and devoured by all the kids! What a sweet mom. What is almond bark? White chocolate? Our Halloween night is this Thursday. Hopefully it won't rain like last year....debbie


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