Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Venison on the hoof

Sorry, no pictures. He was too far away for the zoom on my little camera. V managed to snap some with our 'good' camera but hasn't downloaded them yet. I can't get them off on my computer- the camera is old and I don't have the proper software on my laptop.
Wondering what we saw? As best we could count from across the valley, we had an 8 point buck down by the creek this afternoon (well, 5:30ish). He was beautiful. But I still worry about having him grazing on my bushes this winter. Anyone with a buck license in Iowa? I'm sure he'll be back...
In other wildlife news, I spied a skunk at the compost pile as I was putting the dog out. So, poor dog had to come back in until we threw some sticks toward the skunky visitor and chased him (or her) away. Tick's tie out line goes to within about 10 feet of the compost pile and that's too close for me. I want to use my tomato sauce for us, not for de-skunking the dog.

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  1. The bush will grow back. Let the poor Buck do his thing. They eat my Rhodendrum Bush every year and every year it somes back. Never have to prune it!! lol Eweee. hate to see skunks come around. We have a family of skunks around the Mountain House and I do everything I can do persuade them to leave. One of our friends shot bottle rockets at the bottom of the yard so they might decide to leave. Haven't seen them since...debbie


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