Sunday, October 25, 2009

Time to recharge

It's been a crazy-busy week here. I worked 6 days straight and then ran straight to help out at the haunted house for the Halloween party yesterday afternoon. I was drafted to serve as the semi-dead alien in the haunted house since some of the high schoolers who were supposed to be there weren't able to make it (illness and SATs). That combined with all the usual business of cooking, laundry, cleaning house, etc. made me a bit cranky. So, this afternoon, since it was a gorgeous Fall day, K9 and I took a walk around the property. It was a lovely chance to recharge my mental and emotional batteries. Here are a few sights from our walk that I thought I'd share. I hope you don't mind pictures of fall colors.
Down in the valley....
K measures the depth of a pool (about a foot deep!)
Sitting on his bridge.
Yup, he built this one himself!
He calls it Toad-Oak bridge.
It's a lovely spot for listening to the running water.
The leaves are lovely!
A view from the courtyard.
Looking up the hill.
North, over the fence.
I hope you all have a peaceful week. Halloween is creeping up on us. I've got to find time sometime to make a trip to my parent's farm. Mom called and said they have pears for us. Yummy. Maybe Friday, I've got the day off since I worked yesterday- we'll see.


  1. Mmmm...Pears do sound delicious! I love all of the sights,sounds and tastes of the fall.

  2. Looks to me like you had a lovely day for a lovely walk. The scenry is just beautiful. I see lots of bare trees! Ours are getting that way. Geepers, I think you would make a great semi-dead alien!! lol - What we mother's won't do. One year I was a dead body in a coffin. Had to lay there for 2 hours before my replacement came...was a little creepy. I love good ripe pears. I don't buy that many tho because their always so HARD! Have a good week!!...debbie

  3. great photos! the bridge is awesome - more kids should be able to do things like this instead of video games and couch potato stuff, bravo!

  4. I'm glad you had such a nice walk....looks like fun.
    And pears-lucky lucky!
    Of course, it also means more work.....

  5. What a beautiful farm, fabulous walk -- yes, yes, more kids should build bridges and play outside. What a nice blog!


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