Sunday, April 10, 2011

Another post- photos of the weekend

A few photos of the weekend.  We were busy....
V installed a new window in the shop office.  Now we don't have to turn on the lights in there...
Our dairy neighbor was 'spreading some sunshine' to make hay!
 And dinner from the farmer's market and freezer:
 Butternut/sage pasta primavera with local parmesan cheese.  Mmmmm....

And, what happens when you send an 11 year old outside for an hour?
A tower of corner protectors, of course.  These are from the cabinet packaging.  There were 8 of these per cabinet box.  We've been slowly putting them in the recycling so as not to overwhelm them.  They are fun to play with!
Little plants on the porch:
 And the first daffodil!
 Last but not least- the bluebells are beginning to bloom.  It must be spring!


  1. Ha! My boys would have a blast with those corner protectors :)

  2. V is busy as a little beaver every time you post!! Bless his heart!! Bet the window will be a great addition!! Bring in that light!! I think my girls would love the corner protectors, and I KNOW Cooper ...debbie

  3. I love the term, "spreading some sunshine"! I have a leased field next to me and enjoy the same 'sunshine' twice a year. I would rather have a few days of eye-tearing aroma than have them spray chemicals.


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