Saturday, April 23, 2011

Then and Now- Part 4

Getting rid of the uglies
Gosh, you guys are the best.  Thanks for the complements on all our hard work.  But, be reminded, this is the recap- not all these things happened at once.  They have been spread out over 2 years.  That being said, I'll admit that even I'm amazed at how far we've come when I started putting these posts together.
Today we're going to journey through the uglies of the house.  Somewhere along the line, one owner was not the sharpest interior designer and there were some, shall we say, interesting decorating/construction choices.  We'll start with the upstairs bath:
And that photo doesn't even do it justice, the flash lightened it up. I didn't even have a photo of before we started demolition and even this one misses so much.  The entire room was covered in dark wood- floors, wall and ceiling. And of course, there was only one small light in it and the window faces north with most of the light blocked by the garage.  It felt somewhat like a wooden cave.
Needless to say, it got an overhaul. The photo below is before it was finished.
 Well, it really isn't truly finished.  We haven't completed the mudding and taping of the drywall because we're contemplating replacing the window.  And there is trim work that still needs done.  See, I said I just want one room completely finished.
But on to the most recent project.  The kitchen.  Most of you should remember this one- since it just happened last month.
The original:
You can't see the glass top electric stove to the right.  Of course, it was free-standing.  How does someone cook with no counterspace next to the stove?  Note also, the orange cooler- obviously this was from before we had the well fixed.  We  hauled drinking and cooking water from the house in town for a while.
Now, the finished product (photo taken as K11 made his lunch today).

And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my new kitchen.  We still have some trim work to do and I don't have the door pulls on the upper cabinets yet.  It is beautiful and functional with a kick-@ss professional gas range in the island.
Tomorrow, I'll take you on a tour outside so you can see why I fell in love with this place.


  1. The people before you must of been on a low budget..What is with paneling...yuk~!
    Your kitchen looks lovely.. I need a new kitchen but it will have to wait... Takes money to do all these things..
    Have a Tiggeriffic Day...ta ta for now from Iowa...:)

  2. I love that -- wood cave. Some people can just get completely carried away. I once lived in a house that had been decorated from ceiling to floor in purple - her favorite color. Woo. I love your kitchen, too. I would kill for that stove...


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