Saturday, April 9, 2011

No prize...

 J16 didn't win one of the prizes at the art show last night.  But she wasn't really disappointed.  The winners clearly deserved the prizes!
Here is she and one of her friends with her picture.
She was a bit disappointed that her piece hadn't sold yet by the time we left the show.  But, the show is up through May 2 and we left about 7 to go have dinner out.  There were 14 students from her school in the show and they went home with 6 of the 10 awards.  One of her friends won best of show and clearly deserved it:
 Isn't that an amazing painting!
Still, it was a fun evening and quite well attended.   J16 is already thinking of next year now that she has seen the competition.  Her friend above is a senior this year so that competition is out.  Whew!


  1. Glad she enjoyed it even though she didn't win.

  2. My daughter also didn't win a recent art award, but she was happy to have been selected to compete out f a very large entry pool.
    Your daughters work and that of her friends is amazing and your daughter gets an award for great attitude in my opinion.

  3. She looks like she enjoyed it nonetheless, what a great smile! Her artwork is fantastic!


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