Saturday, April 23, 2011

We interrupt the regularly scheduled broadcast

For a field trip.
The sun finally peeked out for a little bit this afternoon and I got the opportunity to join V on a photo shoot.  He is gathering images for his book and I went along with my camera.  We stopped at several places for photos but most intriguing was the Black Angel.
She is a rather maligned statue in Oakland Cemetery here in Iowa City.   She was originally commissioned by a  distraught mother after the death of her son.   After installation, the statue turned black and has been the source of many legends and rumors here in town ever since.
 She is rather lovely, I think.
So sad, looking down, with sheltering wings.

Amazingly enough, as much as a legend as she is (she has been mentioned in numerous books and in film) this was my first visit to see her. I never went, even during my college years here.  J16 even beat me to it.  This the figure that J16 drew for the art show.

Of course, before we went for photos, I took V to the farmer's market ;)  Mmmm, fresh goat cheese.....


  1. Mmmm...goat cheese....

    Love the Black Angel too. Sounds like a nice day....we're having more thunderstorms, but thankfully--no tornadoes today.

  2. What a striking figure. It does convey the grief the mother must have felt. Lovely photographs. Mmmmm, farmers markets....;-)


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