Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Garden update and such

I got my fingerling potatoes planted today. Yeah!!  The garden is looking really good.  My peas, radishes and beets are coming up and my onions are looking good.  My little plants that I set out are all doing well- except for the one that the dog snapped off with his leash.  Fortunately I have 2 extra plants left- even the same variety that he broke.  I've been meaning to get my fence put up- ostensibly to keep out the rabbits but maybe the dog as well.  I also managed to get the nettles dug out of the main fence line so I can install my rabbit fence.

One of my brave little strawberries.
The poor little things, they only have 3 or 4 leaves on them but are putting out flower buds.  I'll have to spend some time and pick these off before they set fruit to let the plant grow a bit more.
There is actually a blueberry in there.
My blueberries and currants are slowly leafing out but still look mostly like sticks.

The first kitchen move!
I moved my glass jars of dried beans and such today.  I'm guessing that I won't be soaking and cooking many beans in the near future as crazy as things have been on the food front.  I love the look of beans in the jars.  I have several very old canning jars that I got from my Mom and grandmother that I use for these- I don't want to risk canning in them.  I especially love the ones that are "Atlas- strong shoulders" jars.

This afternoon V and I were both busy.  V worked on taking out the concrete block walls from the old well pit.  That's a lot of block- it was really impressive to watch him throw a block over his head out of the pit onto the pile.  He's getting pretty buff again working on the house.  WOOF!!
V's pile of concrete blocks!

My afternoon project.
While V was working on the pit, I removed the last of the ceiling from the basement.  UGH! It's a dirty job.  The mice have been running around above the ceiling and when you pull down a panel, you get showered with mouse poo.  SUPER ICKY!!!!  But I did find probably the last major nest spot and entry point near the stairs so those are now cleaned and sealed.  We've got only one divider wall left to take out- it is the one with all the computer cables in it so V is going to have to sort through that one.  Then we are ready to seal the mud sill, insulate and start framing.  YEAH!!
I had a message that my new range and range hood should be delivered on Thursday afternoon. Well, we don't have the gas line run or the island built yet but at least we'll have them out at the house.  I can't wait to get a gas stove hooked up.  I really dislike electric stoves and that is all we have out there.  But I guess I can't complain too much, at least I have a stove that works.
Tomorrow we are taking a break to work our day jobs.  I'm back at work and V is taking a day off physical labor (after today I'll be surprised if he can move tomorrow) and is going to be working on several writing projects that he needs to get finished for his work. 
Tomorrow is another day.  Maybe I'll pack up a few boxes tomorrow evening.  For those of you wondering how/why I am posting so regularly- I mentioned that this is part of my sanity preservation system- it is also a record for us to be able to look back at what we have accomplished. It's also a way to keep friends and family posted without calling.
Thanks for all the support- we're really not super man/woman.  We're just motivated.


  1. I love dried beans in jars too, though mine aren't in such old ones!

    I love that you post often. I wait eagerly for your updates.

    Have a restful day at work tomorrow! :)

  2. Very cool. Congrats, it's looking great.

  3. Tell V that I feel his pain. Can't imagine pulling all those out. Holy Cow. Why is he doing that? I don't understand really, but V is doing a good job!! We can call him Sir Atlas. Am glad you finally pulled the last mouse poo ceiling tiles down. Poor you. Nothing like pooey hair. lol I did notice yor pretty glass jars. I have a bunch of those too. Some blue some green and some with pretty raised leaves or flowers. They came from Bob's great granmother's farm. Making progress!!...debbie

  4. I love those old jars! I'm always scouting antique shops and can't believe the prices for them. You have a treasure there....

  5. We are pulling the block out of the old well pit for drainage purposes. We plan to back-fill it with dirt but don't want to fill it with the walls in place, that could cause water to build up in that spot and give us trouble with the foundation of the house in the future. Lots of work right now but hopefully will save headaches later. We were initially talking about digging soil from somewhere on the property and hauling it up to fill the pit. Now we're leaning toward having someone come in with a dump truck full. Not as cost effective but definitely faster and less back breaking. That is becoming more of a priority lately.

  6. I've been lurking here for a long time and want to thank you for your daily updates. I love to see the progress on your dream. I live in the desert Southwest on a suburban lot so my little "homestead" is on a much less grand scale. Keep up the good work-I'm enjoying it immensely!

  7. You are really making a lot of progress on the new place. At this rate, you are going to be sitting there this winter wondering what to do with all your time!

  8. Oh I disagree; I really DO think you guys are super man/woman! :)

  9. I too beg to differ - the motivation itself and the energy/will to act on it is quite super man/woman worthy! Question about the strawberries - mine are putting out leaves and those small white flowers like mad - do I have to pull some of the leaves to let the fruit come?

  10. After reading your posts, I feel like such a slacker! But seriously, it is looking sooooo great out there!! Enjoy the day of R&R (or it will seem that way) and I'll wait not so patiently for your next update.....hehe

  11. I know you do, but please wear protection anytime you're around mice droppings so the old hantavirus doesn't get you. Mice freak me out, but only the infectious aspect of them... not the little skittery, skurry parts. :)

    Don't work too hard. (now, I say that, but you will. And I think it is sweet that my capcha is kisess, sorta like kisses!)

  12. A few comments:
    First- thanks to all for stopping in. We appreciate the support.
    Localzone- I don't think you need to pull off any leaves, I seem to remember that your strawberries are new- usually the flowers are picked off the first year for June bearing ones and until July for everbearing ones to give the plants time to strengthen. Of course, if yours are going crazy maybe you can get away with it. Mine are struggling to produce flowers on these tiny plants so the flowers have to go.
    Ed- We've got enough work to do to last us for YEARS!
    Meadowlark- we're using protection (no more children here!) Seriously though, we are wearing masks and gloves almost constantly. We sprang for the economy size box of masks since we've been using so many and anticipate more uses for them. The disease aspect of mice has me freaked out as well. We decided that we're glad it's a one story house and we can reach all the duct work since we're going to have to remove it all and clean it before we turn the air/furnace on since the mice have been in the ducts as well- oh, joy!
    I've cleaned the drawers in the kitchen several times and even though we haven't caught a mouse since the first week we were there, I'm still creeped out about putting anything in those drawers.


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