Saturday, May 16, 2009

I'm Cookin' With Gas!!

Woo Hoo!!! V and my Dad got my range hooked up this afternoon.  The electrical line isn't run yet but since it can be match lit they were still able to test it to make sure it works.  It does!  Tomorrow we will frame the island and bring up the base cabinet that we are going to repurpose from the multitude of cabinets in the basement.  We don't have a counter yet but we're leaning toward having a butcher block top.
While the guys ran gas line, I packed. I got about half the books packed- including all my cookbooks, all my 'dressy' shoes (I have lots- V has a 'thing' for shoes) and a bunch of the wine goblets.  I also sorted and repacked lots of clothes that the children have outgrown that we are going to 'hand down' to some friends.
While I packed, my Mom and J15 worked on her costume.  I already had the shirt and skirt from previous costumes but she made the vest.  We purchased the pattern a while ago but all the fabric is from my 'scrap' stash. I know it looks black in the picture but it is actually really dark blue wool- left over from when I was subcontracted to make Civil War era Cavalry shirts for a movie- so it's Union Blue.
Doesn't she look like a serving wench?
Things are starting to come together.  Definitely not as smoothly as I would like but they're moving in the right direction.  Now if it just doesn't frost tonight.  Of course, as soon as I get everything planted out they are predicting near record lows tonight in the mid 30's.  I'm hoping that since the garden is on top of a hill and there is a breeze that we will be spared.  V forgot to cover things like I asked him to before they left so I hope it will be alright.  If not, I'm going to be scrambling to find replacement plants.
Think warm thoughts.


  1. She looks so cute in that outfit! Great job!
    You guys are getting so much done it's amazing. I can feel the excitement in your writing coming through.
    I am thinking warm....

  2. Ok, I'm thinking warm thoughts for you. The outfit is great. Congrats on the stove. Is it getting close to the big move?

  3. What a wonderful outfit. It looks great.
    Good luck with the frost..I hope all will be okay.
    And have fun with the stove-its so pretty.

  4. Your progress is coming along so well, take a moment to step back and be proud of all you have done before plunging on. Congrats on getting the stove set, sometimes its those things that make a place seem more, well, "regular" somehow, if that makes sense.
    J15's outfit looks like it came out well, glad you were able to have your mom jump in and help. Hope your plants made it through the night ok!

  5. You can have as much of our warmth as you would like! They are predicting 106 here tomorrow, and I can definitely spare some for you guys. :)

  6. She looks great. Be careful or I will be recruiting her for the dance troup as she already has a fantastic costume.

  7. Hey grannie, need help. I have written a post but it will not show up anywhere except my blog...and I don't think I'm getting any updates on all the other blogs. It's been 9 hours since I got in to yours...but there are no new ones and mine is not showing have any clue on what the problems might be???...debbie


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