Tuesday, March 30, 2010

IDC- a little late

I've got the day off work today. The original plan was to spend time with our friend last night so I would have time to recover this morning- but he didn't surface. Hopefully we'll hear from him today. Most likely he was tired after an 8 hour drive and fell asleep. But, I still have a day off and it's supposed to be a lovely day- warm and sunny- a perfect day to get a few more outside chores done.
But first, a slightly late IDC update:
1. Plant something- more flowers and herbs, including the Black Pearl Peppers. Transplanted broccoli, cabbage and tomatoes.
2. Harvest something- only a few chives from the windowsill.
3. Preserve something- Froze several containers of squash for later use.
4. Waste not- Hmmm- nothing much too exciting here. We're still trying to decide how to repurpose the old fence rails. Most likely some will be used for a new bridge.
5. Want not- Umm- I haven't had enough coffee to think straight yet. I'm sure there is something I stockpiled but I can't think of it.
6. Community food systems- Oh, we had a letter from the nice Amish farmer that we purchased our beef from last year. He is offering a 10% discount on grassfed beef for orders placed in March- so we placed an order. It's funny- we had just been talking about contacting him because we are getting low on beef. We'll have to see when we pick it up this time. Then I'll have to reorganize the freezer again. Good thing I've got room. We've been eating out of the freezer and pantry all winter so there is more room now than there was when we picked up our beef last January.
7. Eat the food- Working on the last of our beef- we have probably 15-20 lbs left. Once we figure out when we pick up our new purchase we'll be planning menus to use the last of what we have.
Gotta go now- I have WAAAY more things planned today than I can possibly accomplish. But what are days off for?


  1. Hope you had a good day off. I am off today & also have a huge list of things to do :-). Have fun when your friend gets there.

  2. Wish we had more Amish Folk around here. We just ran out of deer hamburg and I am distraught. Next year we should have plenty. My boy will be hunting and we will have a cow in the freezer too.


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