Monday, March 15, 2010

IDC update- Spring is Springing!

Gorgeous!!! That's how I describe today's weather. It was sunny and right around 60 degrees- a delightful change from the cold weather. Yesterday was also beautiful but not quite so warm. Most of us at the permaculture class sat outside for lunch to enjoy the weather. Today I had to work but even though I was covering for a co-worker who was off today I managed to sneak out of work half an hour early. We fired up the grill for dinner and had some tasty pork chops and some Spanish rice. Oh, when I opened the jar of diced tomatoes for the Spanish rice it was like smelling August in a jar. Mmm....
Spring is in the air. I'm not holding my breath that it will stay warm but I did have some time this evening to work outside now that it is light for longer after I get home. Today is Monday so it's time for the weekly IDC update. I'm still running on the energy of the weekend so I'm doubly motivated to get outside and work.
Here goes my update for the second week of year 3.
1. Plant something- Yes, yes, yes!!! I planted sample pots of my saved tomato seeds to check viability and they're all up. (Hurrah!!) Let's see, I also planted eggplant and my litchi tomato seeds from Erin. Thanks Erin!! They haven't sprouted but it's early days yet. J15 and I also constructed a mini bed on the south side of the house and planted some early greens. I'll have to get out and put some chicken wire around it before it comes up or it will be a tasty snack for the bunnies in the yard. This week I plan to start the rest of my tomatoes, tomatillos, sweet peppers and the herbs/wildflowers that won't be direct seeded. Hopefully that will happen.
2. Harvest something- I did snack on a few of the chives on the windowsill. Yum! I can't wait to have little greens from the garden.
3. Preserve something- nope.
4. Waste not- Let's see. We reused some of the old cedar shingles from the porch roof to construct the sides for our mini greens bed. I just broke them into about 4 inch widths and we set them into the ground then filled in with some topsoil. I've also trying to be better about getting through the left overs in the fridge so we don't waste so much food. I also made a connection with a woman over the weekend who may want to use our old sink top and base.
5. Want not- Not much here. V did get several yard rakes and had the children out raking the gravel out of the grass where it had been flung by the snow thrower this winter. I'm probably going to be ordering my grain mill this week. We also discussed the need for a wagon to pull behind the garden tractor for hauling various items (soil, compost, wood, etc) around the property. And we've been cutting down enough trees and brush that I'm thinking it might not be a bad idea to invest in a chipper/shredder for turning brush into mulch. Hmmm....
6. Build Community- Yes, Yes and Yes!!!! I made some fabulous local connections this weekend and have names and email addresses of several people. We have tentative plans to exchange seeds/plants and labor.
7. Eat the food- Mmmm... we've had wonderful local brown eggs from Kalona, local cottage cheese and yummy homemade food. Of course- we also got some Girl Scout cookies- but who can resist Thin Mints!

I work tomorrow and then Wednesday I'm off to Davenport for a continuing Ed class. Most definitely NOT as fun as my weekend class but necessary. The children are on Spring Break this week so V has been working them outside while the nice weather holds.


  1. "August in a jar". Yea ..... that makes me happy, too.

    Enjoy the wonderful weather.

  2. I "bought local" in the form of girl scout cookies too, lol! I had 100% germination on the 3 Litchi Tomatoes I sowed, I hope it works as well for you! Mine did get leggier than the others though. The salsa sounds good, that is one thing I definitely need to make more of this year, I ran out in November!

  3. I think your right, spring is definately springing. My tulips and daffodils are up quite tall and will be blooming soon! Your spring break is really early. Ours isn't until April. Your August in a jar...I could almost smell and taste the fresh tomatoes. Yumm. Am glad you learned so much from your class. Too bad you have to endure the cont. ed class...they are...most of the boring...debbie


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