Sunday, March 7, 2010

A slow Sunday

Nice for a change. J15 and I12 both sang at church this morning. I12's voice is still that lovely, angelic little boy voice- at least for a little longer- we've noticed that his voice is starting to change a little bit. sigh... he's growing up an will soon be a teenager.
The temperature has remained above freezing all night and we had a bit of a shower. I'm glad it didn't rain a lot because that, combined with the melting snow would have made things very floody! But now the sun is trying to peek out. V was feeling a bit better this afternoon so we went for a walk to check out the snow melt.
The snow is melting off the South facing slopes.
There is LOTS of run-0ff and the creeks are running full.
But I LOVE the sound of running water.
Signs of spring- a wild rose is starting to bud! (sorry for the bad focus)
The moss is bright green under the trees.
But we were still walking through snow up to 7 inches deep in some places. It is supposed to remain fairly warm this week (30's and 40's) so Spring is definitely on the way!

Oh, and my broccoli seedlings are starting to sprout!!


  1. It is nice to hear a childrens choir...and your right! they do sound angelic. Glad to hear V is feeling somewhat better. Been a long road to hoe for him hasn't it. Today is 52. I went to the park today again without Lincoln and just my camera to shoot some ducks and geese. Reilly will be here in about 11 minutes. I don't know why they don't take her to church with them. It's a mystery to me...but I keep my mouth shut....debbie

  2. It hit 40 here yesterday - felt like a heat wave. I only hope that on the 19th and 20th we don't have a blizzard - we are driving to Northern Iowa/Southern Minnesota for 2 days.


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