Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Birthday and Happy Easter

We spent the day with my parents today, joining them at their church for Easter service and celebrating my mother's birthday. We took her a potted rosebush for a gift- yellow- her favorite.
It has been a busy weekend but I didn't get accomplished many of the things I wanted to do. With essentially only yesterday to get much done, some things just didn't happen. I had hoped to get my blueberries planted this evening after we got home but we had a line of thunderstorms move through, drenching the garden. Oh well, there is always tomorrow after work.
I have a student starting with me tomorrow at work. She will be with me for 3 months on her final clinical rotation.
Not much to say tonight, I'm just tired.

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  1. Am glad you enjoyed your Easter, but sorry it rained on you. We were supposed to get rain Sunday, but got lots of wind and gray skies on Sat instead. Sunday here was just beautiful. Good Luck with your student. Hope it's a good one! What will you have to with this student?? teach?...debbie


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