Saturday, April 17, 2010

Help! What do I talk about???

Ok, I got more clarification about tomorrow morning. The session is on "caring for the earth" and I'm supposed to talk about what we do. I spoke to the organizer. And he said he wanted us to talk because "you are (pause...) more connected to the environmental movement than others". WTF??? Okay, I interpret that as "you guys are a bit farther out there than anyone else I know". But, really, do I mind? Not really.
But now for the hard part- what do I talk about??? There is so much! We are supposed to have a 15 minute presentation ready and then there will be time for question and answer. Now, I definitely DON'T to come across as 'holier than thou' so how do I approach this?
I thought about talking about some of the energy efficiency steps we have taken (insulation, planning on new windows) line drying clothes, reusing/repurposing/recycling. People seem to be impressed by the fact that for a family of 5, we only set out one garbage can per week and it's not even full (maybe half usually). Michael (the guy organizing) also wanted me to talk about raising our own food- but this is Iowa! Many people here have gardens. Maybe not on our scale, but still... I did think about including something on eating seasonally and locally.

What do you think? How can I come across with enough information to be challenging but not overwhelming and not give the impression that we're so much "better" at this than anyone else?
Any and all suggestions will be appreciated!


  1. Talk about what works for you and how you decided to start changing your life for a healthier life..I think that is what most people are wanting to know...And how to get started.. I think getting started is the number one thing..Starting small and working step at a time..Have a guide line in the first thing you started doing..if it is with the trash then start with that..That's how I started is by recycling..then that led to other things..Lisa

  2. You could always focus on the learning curve and how you incorporate new things every year, that way it won't seem as if you are an expert on everything and that you too, have to find time in an already busy life to incorporate the ideas. Composting, the fact that you don't wish to use anything that will leach into the soil, the benefits of companion planting in the home garden. You may want to steer clear of "cover crops" since there are already so many farmers that do this for the soil and will have something to object to no matter what you say, LOL! Definitely the recycling, reuse & repurpose stuff! That's funny they think you are on the fringe "out there".... WHAT ARE YOU DOING OUT THERE?!! It makes me chuckle... good luck, I am sure your talk will be wonderful no matter what! Oh yeah, and the rain garden/bog areas too!

  3. Yes, what Lisa and Erin said!! I think once you get started they will MAKE you stop. I think you are full of information you learned at the other seminars. Learning to prune and what trees are in your area...I bet you could talk non stop for an hour if they let you! good luck!...debbie

  4. You could even talk about the discoveries you've made on your land since starting to take better care of it (e.g. mayapples and violets). Also, the wildlife!

  5. OOPS! I'm too late! I am so did it go????


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