Sunday, April 25, 2010

Nothing much to say

It has been a busy weekend. I worked all day Saturday and then, V and I worked between rainstorms to get our new strawberries planted in the raised bed. We had about half an inch of rain Friday and while it threatened rain all day Saturday, it didn't really start until after dinner. So, we got all 50 little plants out. 25 Junebearers and 25 everbearing plants. We had about another .7 inches of rain overnight with lots of wind. The wind was not so good for my little seedlings on the porch but the rain was great for the garden, apple trees and newly planted strawberries.
I got an email from the people who will be teaching my permaculture class next weekend. I've already got homework! They sent a list of supplies I will need, reading material and information I need to get back to them before next weekend. Yowza! homework already. Too bad I'll miss the second class and have to make it up next year. sigh...
J15 and I went shopping this afternoon to pick up some things she needs for the film festival at school on Friday and a few things I need for my class (I need a dedicated permaculture notebook, graph paper, etc). It was a lovely time with my daughter- we had fun shopping at the mall and food co-op and had sushi for lunch. Mmmmm....
I did manage to get some laundry done and got a few more little seedlings repotted this afternoon. Now, it's time to get children organized for the week and get off to bed.
It's a new week- full of possibilities....


  1. I love homework that I get to keep at home!! That's what Master Gardener class was like, homework with charts and stuff that I got to keep when it was all over! They are already dog eared since I use them so much, your class sounds like alot of fun!

  2. Did you have any issues with setting up the link from Blogger over at the kinderGARDENS site? When I get the end after entering my info and click "next step" it does nothing! I figured it was just me and I am doing something completely wrong, lol!

  3. Homework already!!?! lol guess they want their students prepared!
    Do strawberries bear fruit the first year? I heard they didn't. Bummer. But maybe that's a myth....happy planting...debbie

  4. So glad you got some planting done. We were rained out this weekend. Bet you can't wait to start the class!


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