Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I think I have a problem...

Does any one know of a good 12 step program?
Hi, my name is Judy and I'm a gardener...
I confess that my life has become unmanageable.
I have seedlings everywhere!
And it's still a few weeks before I feel safe to plant them outside. Some of the tomatoes are HUGE! They seem to have grown an inch today.
I spent time this evening repotting some of the medicinal herbs and flowers- both for my tea garden and for J15's Goth Garden. Normally, I think I've got a lot of plants with just the usuals- tomatoes, peppers, eggplant and tomatillos. But with herbs and flowers I've got waaaaay more plants than usual. I've run out of flats to put them into and room under the grow lights. I even made the move to put one flat of tomatoes on the porch this evening. I'll have to keep an eye on the weather and bring them in if it gets too cool but with the weather we've been having recently, it's hard to believe that it's only mid-April. We were over 80 this afternoon! But I keep reminding myself that it's still early and we could get a frost. I don't know what that would do to the fruit production, though. The big apple tree is ready to burst into bloom and my currants are blooming like mad. I noticed tiny leaf buds on a couple of my newly planted apples. How exciting.
We meet tomorrow afternoon with the engineer about the new septic system. She has the plans drawn up. Then we can get approval from the county and contact the guys who will install it for us. I hope that can get rolling soon. I've got things I want to plant out there but I can't do it until they're done ripping up the landscape. I really want to get started on my herb and medicinal tea/wildflower garden. These people are putting a crimp in my style.
J15 was at school until about 9 this evening. She is on the panel of judges for their annual film festival (student made films) and tonight was the judging. Oosh. I just hope she doesn't have too much homework on top of that.
I also spent some time this evening working on my raised bed. V has been laughing at me but he hasn't volunteered to help- the swine! But I should be able to finish it soon. My strawberries should arrive sometime next week and it's got to be ready. It may not be pretty but it will work. My biggest problem is that someone, for some unknown reason- put in a layer of landscaping fabric that is now buried under about 8 inches of soil and it's in my way as I try to dig the trench for the blocks. Grrrr..
Ok, now I'm just babbling...... Time for bed.


  1. Your problem (and gardening ability) is one I'd love to have! I'm struggling with space issues inside my home - even though there is space aplenty, it doesn't seem suited to seed-starting space. Wow on the growth of your tomato plants. I remember you are planning a larger herb garden this year (and inspired me to do the same) Which herbs are you planting the most of?
    Stupid people with the landscaping fabric. Hope the timing works with that and the strawberry arrival.

  2. This year I vowed to scale back a bit... and I ended up with twice as many flats as last year, LOL! I have planted several of them but am still left with 8 that are being reserved for a seed swap party I am hosting and the Master Gardener sale, but I am not sure they will last that long, they are already 10 inches tall and screaming to go into the ground!!! So I guess in total I had about 14 flats in my 1000 sq ft home this year, I don't even know where I put them all, lol!

  3. Judy ... just know that you are in good company! If I can make you feel any better.... I have 8000 annuals coming in the next 4 weeks. And that doesn't include veggies or perennials.

    Do you feel better? If so, hand me the Advil cuz I hurt all over thinking about it.

  4. You must take a picture of your raised garden..We made one with left over split rail fencing..it worked and we didn't have to buy the wood. Not the prettiest thing but it works!! I have been overrun with veggies to and I know our Iowa weather can turn on us if we plant to soon. It's so hard to be patient isn't it? Have a great day..Lisa

  5. A few years ago, I put my tomatoes in early like I did this year during a similar spite of warm weather. They did get frostbit one evening but because they had over a week of warm weather to develop good roots and destress, they survived and I had a good crop of tomatoes. Another secret I have used before are the Wall O' Waters.

  6. You and I seem to have the same disease...seedlingitice! Mine are in my sunroom, kitchen and family room. They are threatening to eat my small children if I'm not careful! Kim

  7. Lol. I have close to 2,000 growing this year. I love it!
    Most of them will be sold off, but about 15-20% are all mine. All mine.


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