Monday, April 12, 2010

Mangled tree Monday IDC and a new challenge!

The tree manglers arrived today. The tree trimmers for the power company made their way along the road. Eeek. I almost wish they had taken the entire line of poplars out. They look really pathetic:

But, I guess they did to us a favor. They cut out all of the wild cherry trees that were in there. We wanted them removed because they have a fungus called Black Cherry Knot that can spread to other cherry trees. We do want to eventually plant cherry trees so these needed to go. The majority of the limbs they cut they shredded (we'll get a delivery of wood chips later) but they left the cherry for us so we can burn it to stop the spread of the fungus. They were loathe to shred it along with everything else because whoever gets this load of wood chips would have gotten fungus spores along with it. Not good. So we're going to have quite the series of bonfires when it dries out.
Before I get to my usual Independence Days update, I've got to report on a new challenge that I've joined. I know, I know, like I've got enough time to do something else!! But, this one is right up my alley. Kim at The Inadvertent Farmer is hosting a challenge about gardening with children. I figure that I'm already doing this so I may as well play along. Those of you with children, come play along (you know who you are!) There are even prizes!!

And now on to my usual Monday update.
1. Plant something- Oh, Yeah, Baby!!! Let's see...onions, carrots, beets, chard, peas (shell and sugar snap) lettuce, broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower plants in the garden. K10 thinks the "pea hut" will be fun to hide in. I still need to make a bean teepee- we've got these huge, long poles from the apple tree pruning that I want to use for that. Other than garden, I planted out my apple trees, raspberry plants and the rhubarb. I really need to finish the raised bed. I've got strawberries on the way soon and they will need a home.
2. Harvest something- alas, again only chives.
3. Preserve something- not yet but I have a few sad little apples in the bottom of the fridge that I think will be dried in the near future. I'm the only one who has been eating them and I can't eat them as fast as they are going bad.
4. Waste not- Hmm... the usual: composting, repurposing and trying to reduce food waste. I've been repurposing old fencing to make cages for around little trees and bushes to keep out the bunnies.
5. Want not- stocked up on coffee and tea that was in the discount basket at the store. Also purchased a tiller and a dump cart to use for hauling stuff around the acreage.
6. Build community food systems- Utilized the local orchard to obtain apple trees. Registered for my next permaculture class.
7. Eat the food- I've been trying to use stuff out of the freezer but life has been crazy and I really need to get myself more organized again. I didn't get meals planned this weekend and we ended up stopping at the grocery store on the way home this evening because there wasn't anything thawed. We should have more beef arriving next week so I need to get that freezer cleaned out!!

I'm starting this week already tired and it looks to be another busy one. But, then, it's SPRING!!


  1. I love that challenge idea! No children for me yet, but it is something that is so important.

    I'm working on cleaning out the freezer too... it helps to see all the planting going on and knowing that room will have to be made for *more* fruit/veg as the season draws closer. Peas! Are you sowing outside yet? I am not sure if it is warm enough here, what have you found is a stable temp to start?

  2. Love those tree artists, lol! I will have to check out that challenge, sounds fun. We are working on clearing out the freezer too, and no shortage of "plant somethings"!

  3. Glad you got the diseased Cherry trees out! Now the other trees can fill in the bland spots! Hopefully they wont' come back at the root. Your new challange sounds great! Will enjoy hearing about how it is coming along!...debbie

  4. Yeah I'm so glad you're joining us! Since you already have your kids in the garden you'll have to build them a sunflower house or something since you're a pro!!!

    Your poor trees...The power guys certainly aren't known for their 'artistry' here either. Kim


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