Sunday, February 17, 2013


Where did the weekend go??  It is Sunday evening.  I had a three day weekend.  I don't feel like I got anything accomplished.  Aack!
Ok, Ok... I did get a few things done. I did dishes, and did laundry, and cooked some wonderful meals.  I ran lots of errands on Friday afternoon, Saturday morning and this afternoon. That equals lots of running around.  Oh, things got done but it doesn't feel like there's much to show for it.  I tried to group errands but still feel like I was from one side of town to the other... oh, wait, I was!  But I15 got new shoes, the boys got some new shirts, I picked up some fabric for a coat, we got needed stuff from the hardware store, I went grocery shopping, I paid a few bills, mailed a package to Justine and picked up prescriptions at the pharmacy.
But I didn't have much time to sew.  I spent a few hours Saturday afternoon working on the current jacket but didn't finish it like I'd hoped.  This one is taking me extra time because of all the customization going into it.  But I'm rapidly running out of time.  Justine will be home March 2nd for spring break and I'm tentatively planning the photo shoot for the website on the 9th.  And right now it looks like I'll only have things for 5 or 6 of my models.  Plus I need to worry about accessorizing to make them look good.  So much to do, so little time.

So, if it seems like I'm AWOL in the next few weeks, you know why.


  1. We all know you're already a very busy lady and now you've got the deadline for the photo shoot so you don't need an excuse to be light on the blog posts! Try not to put too much pressure on yourself. Breathe deeply, in and out. Breathe.

  2. Ugh, blogger isn't posting my comments because I wasn't signed in and it never prompted me to sign in. Fixed now I think but grrr, I just commented on 3 blog posts to no avail. I'm glad Justine gets to come home! We have Seeds of Change seeds at Lowe's here so that's a hopeful sign! I made the mistake of showing the octo-pizza to the kids and now they will probably expect that out of me LOL... how cool!


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