Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Why I should have supervision

So... This evening on the way home from work, Vernon wanted to stop at the hobby store in the mall to pick up something he needed.  On one edge of the parking lot was the farmer's market.  It was the last market of the season and the vendors were willing to deal.  I didn't need anything... really...  But I couldn't resist this pumpkin !
Isn't it awesome!  I asked and the variety is 'One Too Many' also sometimes called the bloodshot eyeball pumpkin - with good reason.
Research says that it is edible and makes good soup.  I'll have to see.  I don't think I have the heart to carve it for Halloween.
I'll definitely be saving seeds!  From what I found it is an open pollinated variety so again, we'll see what happens next year.

Sunday, October 26, 2014


Well, we didn't get the chicken coop cleaned out today.  Our friend Roger called and asked for help.  He has been having health issues since losing part of a leg a couple of years ago and just isn't able to do all those things he used to do. And his wife has just recently returned home after her father's funeral so she has problems of her own.  They asked for help cleaning out their garden and taking down fences and trellises.  It was a lovely day and the coop can wait til next weekend.  
Sharon and I dug sweet potatoes among other things and we were sent home with a big bag of them.  Yum!  Roasted sweet potatoes for dinner tonight!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Confusing weather

It is one of those 'soft' mornings.  You know, the kind where it is warm and humid and the air feels soft.  If it weren't for the changing leaves, the frost bitten garden and the molting chickens, I'd swear it was spring.
It will be a busy weekend here. Cleaning out the chicken coop and prepping it for winter is on the agenda, as are senior photos for my oldest son.
Last night was the final home football game of the season and so, it was senior recognition night for football, cheerleading and marching band.  I must say, Ian looks great in uniform!

For halftime, they did their annual Halloween costume show.  The weather certainly cooperated as heavy fog started rolling into the stadium.

So, I've avoided work for long enough.  I suppose I should get started on my mile-long to do list for the weekend.  sigh....

Saturday, October 18, 2014


Vernon and I actually went out to a social event last night!  Shocking, I know!  We went to a local wine bar to meet up with other members of a local steampunk group.  A grand time was had by all!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Good thing I have the day off!

I worked last weekend so I have today off as comp.  good thing, too!  The forecast is for the first hard frost of the fall tonight.
We've had a few light frosts here and there already but it's supposed to get down to 32*F if not a little colder tonight so this should be the end of the garden.  
So... Today I want to bring in all the squash that are *almost* ripe and pick what few green tomatoes that are left as well as any peppers I can find.  Honestly, I'm ready to be done.  The weird weather we've had has made for a lackluster season.  

Time to hope for a mild winter and a successful greenhouse.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

A soup kind of weekend

Brrr... I know it's October but I'm not ready for this chilly weather.  So, I'm making soup.  
I had to work today and came home to discover that the buttercup squash Mom gave me had a soft spot.  So I will make some soup with the salvageable parts and odds and ends from the garden.  Mmm...
It isn't what's for dinner but I plan to have some for lunch tomorrow and freeze the rest in containers to take for lunches to work.

It's soup season again!!  Yum!