Tuesday, December 31, 2013


I was thinking about a 2013 "Year in review" but I don't really have that much to report.  The garden was "meh" this year,  the chickens were "meh" except for the addition of 4 new ladies. Life was just kind of Meh!  Except for the zombie run... that was awesome!

So farewell to 2013, the year of MEH.  And welcome 2014!!!  May it hold exciting challenges for us all.

Well... not too many challenges....

But, still

Welcome 2014!!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

To you and yours.

I've been playing with the photos today.
So, for you...


To all who are celebrating today:


Sunday, December 22, 2013


The Winter Solstice is behind us!  Finally the days will start getting longer.  I, for one, can't wait!  This dark time of year is always so hard for me.  But, we have been working to fill it with love and light.
My darling baby girl came home from college this week.  She managed to fly in between storm systems.  Whew!
We have had ice, we have had snow.  We've had cold weather with colder to come in the next few days.  But, it's winter so what else should I expect.
We had a gathering of friends last night.  Sadly, because of illness and the impending snow storm, we had fewer than we had hoped, but we still had a lovely time during the longest night of the year.   We sent most everyone home early when it started snowing because the roads were quickly becoming treacherous.  But still, we had a great time.
This morning, it is a winter wonderland out there. It looks like we got about 6 inches.  But the sun is shining this morning so soon it will be time to dig out.

But for right now... it's quiet.  There is hardly any traffic on the highway outside and every one is still asleep.
I think I'll go get a cup of coffee and enjoy the peace and quiet....

Whatever holidays you celebrate, may they be filled with love, light and joy.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The little things

Winter is that time when you appreciate the little things in life....

Not having to use the ice scraper to chisel off the frozen chicken poop so you can close the coop door.
Not falling on your butt on the ice.
Discovering a kleenex in your pocket when you really needed it!
A warm kettle of soup simmering on the stove.
Freshly baked cookies.
Family coming home for the holidays.  (Justine will be home TOMORROW!!)
Cards from relatives.
Mysterious packages appearing on the doorstep from delivery people.
Seed catalogs arriving!!!
Warm slippers.
Long underwear.
Good boots.
Time to sew.

And all of you!  Not that you are at all unimportant....

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I know it's not officially winter....

...but it sure feels like it!!!
We've had snow a couple of times in the past week and it has been cold!  Of course... today on my way home I saw one of those things that just made me shake my head and think "You can't fix stupid."  There at the bus stop on campus was a pretty young girl wearing short shorts and Ugg boots, jumping up and down complaining about the cold.  Well... it was 4 F at the time.  But, you know,  I think that if you choose to dress like that when there is a wind chill advisory, you lose your right to complain.  really....

But, in happier things associated with cold weather, I've been keeping the bird feeders filled. Or, as we prefer to call them, the cat entertainment system.  Interestingly enough, the birds weren't really all that interested in them until it snowed on Sunday.  Now, with snow cover, they are suddenly flocking to eat.   But I've gotten some awesome photos.
 A white breasted nuthatch

 Northern Cardinal- male

 Northern Cardinal- female

 Black capped chickadee.  These are so hard to photograph, they rarely stay still long enough!

The male goldfinches have lost their brilliant summer plumage.  But they're still fun to watch.

And a downy woodpecker.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Another pet photo

 You would think that the dog thinks we got this couch just for him.  At least he's comfortable.

And not pet related:
The first of the garden porn is starting to arrive....  Must. Not. Look. Yet.


We missed the heavy snows that many got but we haven't missed the wind and frigid temperatures.  When I got up this morning, it was 2 F outside (about -17 C).  Brrrr!!
But the chickens are (hopefully) faring well outside.  We've got the heated base on the waterer and the infra-red ceramic bulb deployed over the roost.  I like it much better than a traditional heat lamp because it doesn't produce light.  It only emits infra-red waves and it warms the surfaces (and chickens) rather than the air.   We used it last year with good success so hopefully this year we will be as lucky.
V is busy writing. The business he used to write for has been bought out.  Fortunately, he was kept on in the merger so now he is writing for Direct Energy, even writing articles for Canadians, LOL!  The boys are busy as ever with school stuff and Justine is winding down the semester out east and eagerly waiting to fly home on the 18th.
Me... I've been sewing and cooking and all that usual stuff.

But I leave you with a cute photo of Spaz.  People talk about letting the cat out of the bag...

Don't I wish...  At least he's in the bag and not on the tablecloth.....

Thursday, December 5, 2013

A little something!

Leigh, over at 5 Acres and a Dream has written a book!!!  Isn't that awesome!?  And to celebrate it's arrival, she is having a giveaway!  Go check it out here!  You could have a chance to win!!

Leigh is a delightful writer and has been a 'blog buddy' for quite a while.  This is so exciting!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A change of pace

Above is a little educational offering:  my daughter's final project for her color theory class.  I guess this is why we pay the big bucks to send her to art school!

I've been busy sewing recently.  I managed to finish the overcoat I was making for my son, a brocade vest for my future son-in-law (that sounds SO bizarre to say!!) and made a bow tie.  Now I've got a few other irons in the fire and I'll be ready for the holidays.