Sunday, July 21, 2013

A new level of decadence

We achieved a new level of breakfast decadence today:  Chocolate chip/Raspberry waffles.  Absolutely heavenly!  They taste like they are bad for you but really aren't.  Good thing we have a gallon and a half of raspberries in the freezer because I see this as a popular item this winter.
It has been a bumper crop year for berries here.  In addition to the berries in the freezer, I made a batch of jam and we ate many, many raspberries.  I think yesterday was the last picking I'll get until next year.  There just aren't enough out there to bother picking again.  But the blackberries are just starting to ripen.  Mmmmmm......
We also picked a gallon of red currants last week and made a big batch of jelly.  This is the first year we've had enough to actually do anything with and the jelly is wonderful, the perfect balance of sweet/tart.

I baked bread yesterday morning.  Yeah, baking bread when it's 90 isn't the smartest thing to do, but I was the person responsible for bread for church today so it needed to happen.  But, let me tell you, fresh baked bread with homemade jam is DA BOMB!

V has been putting up ceilings in the basement so things are finishing up in construction... not that I think we'll ever actually be finished but it's getting closer.

In other garden-y stuff, I pulled the last of the onions this morning.  This has been the best year for onions I think I've ever had with lots of lovely, large onions, now happily drying on racks.  We've been eating a few peppers and the tomatoes are getting big but aren't ripe yet.  I can't wait for the first tomato.  I've got tomatillos planted this year as well so I'm seeing some salsa coming up.

I know I've been pretty lax on posting here. I'll try to keep up more often but things have been busy.

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  1. You're so far ahead of us this year! The raspberries are still forming here and the onions are far from grown.


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