Tuesday, July 2, 2013


I've been foraging recently. I took V out with me yesterday afternoon to go berry picking.  I discovered that much of the west fenceline is filled with raspberries that are just now starting to ripen.  It's amazing how much is coming up now that the property hasn't been overgrazed.  We picked a few cups between yesterday and today.  I also discovered several gooseberry bushes that, while supposedly wild, are absolutely loaded with respectable sized berries, many the size of my little finger tip.  So, I picked only about a cup of those so far.  The best bush is actually over the fence on our neighbor's property but I don't think he would notice or care if we picked them.  I also discovered some wild blackberries. Although they are still hard and green I'll keep my eye on them!
All of this foraging plus picking the first of the red currants and rhubarb from a friend has led to cobbler heaven.   I still use the same recipe I used as a child.  This was the very first thing I ever made totally by myself as a child.  And it's still as wonderful now as it was then.

Time to find some ice cream to go with it....


  1. I LOVE "free" food. Especially those that I don't plant, water or tend to :)

  2. Isn't it grand...the Universe feeds us if we just open our eyes and look around.

  3. We've caught quite a few people over the years taking fruit, mushrooms and even flowers from our property and they always say that they didn't think we even knew it was there or cared if others took it. We generally confiscate the majority of their gatherings and send them on their way with a warning that they should have asked anyway. It only takes a few minutes to ask and talking with a neighbor is a good practice anyway.

    1. Well said. And while I would never dream of wantonly traipsing across his property, I don't think one wild gooseberry bush in the fenceline is an issue. The only time I have ever seen this farmer in this field is on his tractor while mowing or baling. I guess I would be upset if people came far into our property or took something rare or that I had planted. But we have had people stop on the road to pick mulberries from the huge tree on our property that slightly overhangs the road and I don't begrudge them that at all.

      and as for being neighborly, this particular guy is not very neighborly. Every effort I have made at striking up a conversation has been ignored. The farmhouse is on our 2 mile walking loop and while his dog always comes out to greet us, every time we have waved and called out hello when he has been outside has been met with no acknowledgement of our existence and him walking the other way. Go figure. But another reason I would not wantonly trespass on his property.

  4. Good going! I have a neighbors free rhubarb every year, so just cuts it and throws it away otherwise. I gave her some fresh eggs...


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