Saturday, January 18, 2014

And she's off!

My darling daughter left this morning.  Back to parts east.  So far she has had an adventurous trip and she isn't even there yet!
It was snowing pretty heavily this morning, but it was a fairly narrow band and we didn't think too much of it.  On the way to the airport, we hit one section of nearly white out conditions and at one point V nearly lost control of the car.  A fair warning to slow down!  Apparently, in the opposite lanes, at about that time, there was a huge (30 cars!!!) pile up that closed the eastbound lanes of the interstate.  We still had to detour around it on our way home.
Anyway, Justine's flight was delayed a bit on take off (weather and de-icing) but the biggest delay came in Chicago when they had to sit on the taxi-way and wait for a gate to become available because the previous plane was still being de-iced.  Well... long story short, she missed her connecting flight even though she should have had over 90 minutes between arrival and departure. It was not to be.
So, she is still waiting at O'hare in Chicago and won't get out until nearly 7 tonight, which puts her arriving in Philly close to 10 tonight.  And then she still has to catch the train back to center city and then walk back to her dorm.  Poor sweetie.  More of an adventure than she bargained for.
And we already miss her.  We were just really getting used to having her home again and now she is away again.   But, at least we will get to see her again in March for Spring break so it's not quite such a long haul.  I know James, her fiance, will also be glad to see her again.

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  1. Aw. Always sad to see 'em go. I know you had a wonderful visit. :)


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