Sunday, January 12, 2014


Yep, I've been out of the loop again.  My bad.  I feel like it's been busy here but then again, not much is going on... and... I'll admit it... Justine introduced me to the evil that is Pinterest.  I had been avoiding it like the plague because I knew it has the potential to be a time-sucking kind of place.   So far, I've been good... we'll see how long that lasts.
The weather has been frightful.  Monday our high for the day was -7F.  The poor chickens were cooped up for a couple of days but they seem to have fared pretty well.  And, after a couple of weeks of no eggs at all, I've finally started getting a few.  Two today. Excitement!
Today it was finally above freezing for the first time in seemingly ages.  It hit the mid 40's!  So Justine, I16 and I went on a long walk (about 2 miles). It felt great to be out and about in the fresh air again.  I even opened a couple of windows in the chicken coop to let it air out in there since it was warmer outside than in.
Otherwise, it's a pretty slow time here.  I've been plotting the garden for next year.  I think I'll have my seed order ready to go soon. In the next couple of weeks I plan to start some cold weather stuff inside to try out in the greenhouse.  The greenhouse was a bust this winter. It got so cold so soon that everything froze off.  Last year I had fresh greens in mid January.  This year they all froze off in November.  sigh....  But I'm hoping that if I get some spinach and kale started inside that I can put them out in late February and have them survive in there. We'll see... it's an experiment.
Justine is home for only another week and then will head back to Philly for her next semester of classes.  We have been seeing a LOT of her fiance in the last few weeks but that's OK.  He is a great guy and we're all happy to see them both so happy.  She plans to move out of the dorms next year so we've all ben brainstorming things that she/they will need in an apartment and picking up things when we can.  We found a great 12 piece set of T-fal pots and pans yesterday.  The good stuff- stainless with copper bottoms: pans that will last a lifetime.  Got them on sale with an extra 15% off the sale price plus a mail-in rebate.  So we ended up paying just a little over half price for them- not a bad deal.  That girl has a good head on her shoulders and is always thinking ahead.
Otherwise, things are going.  I16 is finally taking Driver's Ed so we've got him out driving with us.  School is going well for both boys.  V is busy writing and now has a new client in addition to his old one so things are going well.  Construction is slow this time of year so it's a pretty laid-back time.

Hope you all are well.


  1. Yeah, our hoop has been kind of a bust this winter too, I didn't plant much this fall but it worked out since it was so cold anyway. I hope my rosemary survives though! I'm going to start some seeds soon to put out in February too, it will heat up in there faster than you think!

  2. HI Judy--thanks for stopping by Elegant Blessings...I think that about 60% of the stuff they're doing to my SIL is experimental , but we'll take it. Just found out another friend has late stage cancer this morning. Every single day has to be precious, doesn't it ?

    I had the same experience with my cold box this year, started out good and then the polar vortex visited and POOF! all gone. Oh well. We're still eating pretty darn good. and I'm poring through seed catalogs's cold and rainy today, but we had several days in a row of 40-50 degrees, and after the coldest temps ion 40 years, it felt pretty good.


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