Saturday, September 6, 2014


I have noticed a few of those darned, gray and black blister beetles about this year, but evidently I didn't notice the one in the long grass on the way to the garden.  I got a blister beetle smushed between my foot and the band of my flip flop.

However, I am happy to report that the jewelweed balm I made two years ago (or was it last year... I don't really remember) works well to calm the stinging.  Now to wait for the blisters to subside- I have things to do that require shoes....

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  1. No kidding, OUCH! Tender spot to get zapped. It doesn't do much for a tan line but I always wear lace up shoes (old tennies) in the garden because I get stung on the hands reaching into vines and leaves more than I want to. Since I walk through grass that has a lot of clover and dandelions in it to get to the garden, I'm sure I'd get stung on exposed feet 'cause I see bees of all kinds there. Hope your blisters go away quickly.


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