Sunday, October 26, 2014


Well, we didn't get the chicken coop cleaned out today.  Our friend Roger called and asked for help.  He has been having health issues since losing part of a leg a couple of years ago and just isn't able to do all those things he used to do. And his wife has just recently returned home after her father's funeral so she has problems of her own.  They asked for help cleaning out their garden and taking down fences and trellises.  It was a lovely day and the coop can wait til next weekend.  
Sharon and I dug sweet potatoes among other things and we were sent home with a big bag of them.  Yum!  Roasted sweet potatoes for dinner tonight!


  1. I love sweet potatoes.I'd rather have those than the white ones. What you going to make?

  2. Cool! I love trades - and it's nice to help friends and neighbors. If we all did more of it, the world would be a better, kinder place.

  3. "Payment" (not that you expected any) in sweet potatoes . . . I'd love that! If you can't take time out to help someone else, you'd better hope karma won't come back to bite you in the buttinski! That's what basic kindness and love of our fellow man is all about.


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