Saturday, October 25, 2014

Confusing weather

It is one of those 'soft' mornings.  You know, the kind where it is warm and humid and the air feels soft.  If it weren't for the changing leaves, the frost bitten garden and the molting chickens, I'd swear it was spring.
It will be a busy weekend here. Cleaning out the chicken coop and prepping it for winter is on the agenda, as are senior photos for my oldest son.
Last night was the final home football game of the season and so, it was senior recognition night for football, cheerleading and marching band.  I must say, Ian looks great in uniform!

For halftime, they did their annual Halloween costume show.  The weather certainly cooperated as heavy fog started rolling into the stadium.

So, I've avoided work for long enough.  I suppose I should get started on my mile-long to do list for the weekend.  sigh....


  1. Confusing weather for sure! Today we had a crazy windstorm in the morning but the temp was way too warm for this time of year. Wind stopped in afternoon and we had a balmy day in the high 50s. Not right for us up here so close to November 1st!

    Your son is, indeed, a good lookin' fella!

  2. I had the same thought a couple of days ago--it was the loud robins and redwing blackbirds that made me thought it felt like spring if I closed my eyes. But what a lovely autumn it has been.


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