Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Heirloom Amana Orange Tomato

This is, hands down, my favorite tomato.

Amana Orange-  weighing in at 2 lb 2 oz of deliciousness!


  1. That tomato is simply amazing! Have never seen one of that variety. Thanks for sharing - now I am hungry!

  2. Hungry and envious! Heck, I'm even having trouble getting my cherry tomatoes to ripen this year. And it's been unusually hot for the past week! Enjoy that wonderful tomato!

  3. Holy freaking cow! I bought some local organic brandywines, big, but not THAT big! What the flavor like???

    1. They don't have the acid bite of some tomatoes but they have a great 'tomato' taste. They are really yummy, I think. And they are so meaty. Very few seeds in them for their size.


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