Monday, December 3, 2012

Another Monday

Oh my!  It has been a week since I posted last.  Goodness, how time flies!  I'm becoming one of those unpredictable bloggers who only posts sporadically.
But... things have been busy here so I guess I've got a few reasons I haven't been blogging.  The boys and I were out of town all weekend at my parents house to see my oldest sister and brother in law who were visiting from Colorado.  We had a lovely weekend but I didn't get anything done at home- which puts me behind with all my tasks here.  V stayed home to tend animals and do some work at home.
Work has been busy.  Holidays are always rough times and this year is no exception.  Sometimes working in psychiatry has its drawbacks.  Most of the patients right now are really, really ill so it has made work a bit more stressful than usual.  sigh....
I've been getting some sewing done in the evenings. Justine's quilt is nearly finished and I've got plans for both boys- assuming I can get them finished in time for the holidays.  Justine will be home in 2 weeks so I really need to get cracking.  She has a new beau who will be coming to visit for a time between Christmas and New Years.  Hmmm... I haven't met him yet but he seems like a nice guy.
I'm still harvesting out of the greenhouse.  The weather has been somewhat of a roller coaster here.  Last week we had a day where we had a low of 12 and today it was near 70.  Go figure.  But even the really cold snap we've had didn't take out my greens.  Hurray!  We had lovely salads this evening with  lettuce, spinach and slivers of black radish from the greenhouse.  Yummy.  Egg production has been continuing low.  sigh...
I've been continuing to exercise regularly (yeah me!) but I'm at that awkward stage where I can feel my clothes are fitting more loosely but the number on the scale isn't really moving. grrr  But I'll keep at it.  July will be coming sooner than I think and I need to be ready to run.  It is going to be really hard to avoid all the holiday goodies around work but I'm working on my willpower.  We'll see how long that lasts when people start bringing in the fudge!

Now- I've gotta get going and see what else I can get done.  I've been wasting too much time online this evening.


  1. I'm the same way as far as the Blogging. Since I can't do pictures, I've lost my zest...I am assuming you can't do photos either? I don't want to pay by the month...that insane. Glad you had a nice vivit with your sister. I'm going to see my sister this weekend! YAY! Keep at the good work'll pay off in the end! ...debbie

    1. Oh, I can still do photos. I ran out of photo space a long time ago and upped for more online space. Which is OK. Since I signed on long ago I'm still grandfathered in at a pretty low rate and it gives me lots of space for a picasa albums I can share.
      Glad you are getting to see your sister as well.

  2. That weight loss stage is frustrating - you are developing muscle, which weighs more. Hang tough! This is also a VERY difficult time of year to diet. Geez - I am glad that I am not much of a sweets person. And who would have thought that being gluten intolerant would be so helpful! It's always good to hear from you - even once a week. Would love to see the picture of Justine's quilt when it's done!

    1. I know the muscle weighs more than fat thing. But it's still frustrating to be working so hard and not see the scale budge. I lost 10 lbs pretty quickly and then stalled out. sigh... but I'm still plugging along. as far as the sweets go, I'm fine if I just don't start. Once I have a nibble of something I'll want to snack all day and there are always lots and lots of dangerous things both in my office and on the nursing units.
      And I'll be posting some photos, it's been a long time in the making. I should have finished that quilt months ago.


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