Sunday, December 16, 2012


A bit of a rant here.  V was out walking the dog this afternoon and stumbled across evidence of poachers on our property. Back in the little valley between the farthest two hills on the property he came across the carcass of a large buck with only the head missing.  Knowing that this isn't a good thing, he called our local DNR office.  They sent out an officer to look things over.  She agreed that it was most likely poachers out after a trophy.  grrr...

This makes me really, really angry.  Now don't get me wrong- I have absolutely nothing against hunters.  But... if you are going to hunt on my property, you had better ask my permission.  AND- just as important in my book- if you are going to take the life of an animal- especially a deer- at least have the decency to eat it!  Don't just leave its carcass to rot.

I'm also not thrilled at the other creatures this has drawn closer to home.  There is evidence on the carcass that coyotes have been gnawing at it and I'm not thrilled at having something luring them into hanging out here.  Nothing can be done at this point, but you can bet we're going to be a bit more vigilant for a while.


  1. You have every right to rant and be angry. I have no objections to hunting responsibly for food, but this is outrageous.

  2. Thats not right.Some hunters have no respect and they shouldn't be hunting there to start with.Have you posted signs yet?I would on every tree or fence I could find and it does help.

  3. that is terrible! Definitely post some signs, and maybe a camera or two!

  4. Oh, this just makes me so angry. What a waste. To kill the buck and leave the carcass?!!!! You've got to be kidding me. This is the same way I feel when a raccoon gets to one of my chickens, eats the head, and then leaves the entire carcass behind. Such a waste... at least they could have eaten the deer.
    I've never heard of this happening before! We have had relatives hunting on our farm for the past month, trying in vain to get a deer, and trust me they intend to use every bit of that animal.
    Honestly, I've never heard of this before...someone not using the deer & uselessly killing it... arg!!! :-(


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