Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Another skirt

I've got photos up of Justine's walking skirt over at my other blog here.  There is new fabric in the wash and hope to cut out my next project.  Actually, I've got three cuts washing and several projects in the offing.  I'm planning a matching bolero for my skirt, another matching skirt and jacket set, a man's frock coat and a duster.  Those are the big projects I've got fabric for. I've also got several vests in the planning stages (both for men and women).
Justine heads back to school on Friday.  We've had a lovely time with her home and I'll be a bit sad to have her leave again. But, she will be back in March for spring break and then for the summer again in mid May.
It's also about time to start making my garden list and I really, really need to get my exercise schedule back on track.  It seems have been more difficult to keep on track with Justine home. Plus there seems to have been lots of extra chaos the past few weeks.  I definitely need to work on my scheduling.


  1. Isn't it just the pits?? Trying to be at the sewing machine (which I know you love) and up and out exercising at the same time? This is where being able to be in two places at once would come in handy; sewing away and getting the feel goods from that while somehow sweating off the pounds and toxins and toning up the ol' bod! (If only!)

    1. Maybe I need to master using the treadle machine. That would give me exercise.. but it only does straight stitching. Hmmm.....


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