Tuesday, January 22, 2013


It is definitely winter!  It was -2F this morning.  I think we hit a high of 7 or 8.  Pretty sad when I had to take the ice chipper to remove the frozen glob of chicken poo so I could close the pop door.
The sun was shining today so hopefully the greenhouse will survive.  My very-low-tech heating system seems to be working reasonably well but this is the coldest it has gotten so far.  The water in the heating buckets had a skim of ice on it yesterday (about as cold as today- about 14F for a high) but was not all frozen and it was actually fairly pleasant in there.
Now, I've got some hemming to do.


  1. Boy, THAT IS COLD....and here I'm whinning about 18...Hope all of you are healthy. I'm just getting over a snotty nose....debbie

  2. This deep freeze is something else - it was -8 this morning at my place and I was celebrating when it hit +1! We are looking forward to a high in the single digits. O joy!


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