Saturday, December 7, 2013


We missed the heavy snows that many got but we haven't missed the wind and frigid temperatures.  When I got up this morning, it was 2 F outside (about -17 C).  Brrrr!!
But the chickens are (hopefully) faring well outside.  We've got the heated base on the waterer and the infra-red ceramic bulb deployed over the roost.  I like it much better than a traditional heat lamp because it doesn't produce light.  It only emits infra-red waves and it warms the surfaces (and chickens) rather than the air.   We used it last year with good success so hopefully this year we will be as lucky.
V is busy writing. The business he used to write for has been bought out.  Fortunately, he was kept on in the merger so now he is writing for Direct Energy, even writing articles for Canadians, LOL!  The boys are busy as ever with school stuff and Justine is winding down the semester out east and eagerly waiting to fly home on the 18th.
Me... I've been sewing and cooking and all that usual stuff.

But I leave you with a cute photo of Spaz.  People talk about letting the cat out of the bag...

Don't I wish...  At least he's in the bag and not on the tablecloth.....


  1. Yippee for kitty pictures! Stay safe and warm. Don't want any frozen chicken nuggets.

  2. Wish our chickens were in as good shape as yours. We had one Icelandic rooster that stayed outside all last winter. (We got tired of catching him and tossing him into the house every night.) This year two of his hens have joined him and last night two of the black Australorps that hatched out this spring decided to join the "camping out" party. Dumb clucks.

    Glad to see and hear you're finding some time for sewing because I know it's something you love.


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