Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I know it's not officially winter....

...but it sure feels like it!!!
We've had snow a couple of times in the past week and it has been cold!  Of course... today on my way home I saw one of those things that just made me shake my head and think "You can't fix stupid."  There at the bus stop on campus was a pretty young girl wearing short shorts and Ugg boots, jumping up and down complaining about the cold.  Well... it was 4 F at the time.  But, you know,  I think that if you choose to dress like that when there is a wind chill advisory, you lose your right to complain.  really....

But, in happier things associated with cold weather, I've been keeping the bird feeders filled. Or, as we prefer to call them, the cat entertainment system.  Interestingly enough, the birds weren't really all that interested in them until it snowed on Sunday.  Now, with snow cover, they are suddenly flocking to eat.   But I've gotten some awesome photos.
 A white breasted nuthatch

 Northern Cardinal- male

 Northern Cardinal- female

 Black capped chickadee.  These are so hard to photograph, they rarely stay still long enough!

The male goldfinches have lost their brilliant summer plumage.  But they're still fun to watch.

And a downy woodpecker.


  1. Oh gosh that's a huge pet peeve of mine on campus here--no hats!! (Who cares if your hair is messed up at below-zero temps!!) And then there's a pneumonia outbreak in the news...sigh.
    Great bird pics, I love taking pictures of our feeder too :)

  2. You have the same birds we do! We've even got a pair of cardinals that have been with us for several years now. One summer they even brought their two babies to the feeder.

    Yes, we're in the deep freeze, too, but at least we have a heavy layer of snow on the ground for insulation. Good thing or there would be problems with pipes, septic systems, etc. freezing. This early in the winter that would be baaaad! -14 yesterday morning, not quite as low this morning. Stay warm (and don't wear your short shorts today). ;o]

  3. I counted 15 bluejays at my feeder today.. With the cold weather and freezing temperatures they are eating eating eating...All your pictures are so good.. I love the black capped chickadee's...they are hard to get a good picture of and be clear.. Good Job~! Have a blessed day~! ta ta for now from Iowa:)

  4. Wonderful photos, Judy! I love watching the birds at my feeders. The catz do, too, from behind the sliding glass doors. I see teenagers here, walking along the side of the road wearing the proverbial hoodie - and nothing warmer in low teen weather. Ah, the pain of youth...


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