Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Coupon madness

I've got a post today at Homemakers Who Work today about how my grocery shopping has changed over the years. Maybe we'll have to start a support group: My name is Judy, I used to clip coupons....
Wanna join?


  1. my name is debbie and I rarely use coupons. I know I should...but don't...

  2. Our local Winn Dixie has been offering $5.00 off total purchase - that's a coupon I'll use. Otherwise, I rarely use them. Most coupons are for pre-packaged junk that I would never buy. And here's a pet peeve: why don't the stores offer buy one, get one on staple items?

  3. Debbie- that's OK. I rarely use them either.
    Karen- Thanks for stopping by. Our local grocery gave a $5 off your purchase coupon a few weeks ago for their anniversary celebration. I agree with your pet peeve. Mine is that here they may have really great store coupons on staples but there is a limit of one. Of course, I've been known stop back on more than one occasion. I did that for flour and sugar before Thanksgiving to stock up. I remember my Dad giving us money and sending each child through a different checkout for really good deals with limits when I was a kid. I haven't resorted to that yet....

  4. I pretty much am the same way with coupons. I don't even look at them anymore since I exited the diaper stage of my daughter.

    Our store has deals that they publish in the paper on a weekly basis and I do pay attention to those though they are open to anyone and you don't need a coupon. I also pay attention for the day once a year when they offer a free gallon of milk after you buy one. I try to avoid the store that day because it will be packed, with no parking spaces and no carts. I am blessed that I can afford the extra three or four dollars to get my extra gallon of milk the next day if I needed one.


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