Sunday, February 7, 2010


We had a lovely day at my parent's farm, celebrating my father's 84th birthday. My sister and her husband were here from Colorado and my brother and his wife drove down as well. The only one missing was my sister from Maryland, although we talked to her on the phone. They are still trying to dig out from 30 inches of snow. She sent some pictures of their deck with all the snow. IMPRESSIVE!
My aunt and uncle also stopped in for a bit. My Uncle Willis is Dad's last remaining sibling- he was the youngest of 7 children.
J15 played her violin during the morning church service at my parent's church. Everyone down there is always so appreciative when she plays. They have no one in the area who teaches strings so there aren't any other people who play violin anywhere nearby. But even more fun was the impromptu concert later in the afternoon. It seems that my BIL Dave has begun learning to play, although he is learning to fiddle rather than classical training. But still, they found a few things that they could both play. J15 has about 8 years of experience on him but he was able to play the melody lines and she was able to sight read some of the harmonies.

Definitely not perfect but still lots of fun.

And, of course, it is snowing again.... cue slightly hysterical laughter here......


  1. Happy birthday! Looks like you guys had a fantastic day.

    Snow is still here, but not in the buckets you are all getting :)

  2. That was fun to watch and listen to. My ma always wanted one of us kids to play the just never happened. :-) Seems we were more of a horn family!

  3. Your daddy must of had a wonderful Birthday! I wasn't able to listen to the duet for some reason. Will try again later. Maybe I need to upgrade something.?? We're to get more snow tomorrow. Didn't get much Sat. like they said we would,thank goodness. My mom turned 84 in December. Stay warm and be safe driving...debbie

  4. That was like my own private concert while having my morning coffee! The snow was definitely plan-cancelling out here on the East Coast this weekend, hope your sister is digging out okay, being from Iowa she's got some experience, lol! I get strange stares from people driving by when I shovel my driveway. I'm not sure if they don't know what I'm doing, or are just wondering where I bought that magical looking shovel :)


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